New Artist of the Day: Cold CommitteeIts that time of the year again when you start looking out for groups and artists who might be big in 2013. Carl Stanley is so convinced that he’s found a group who’ll take it all the way that he’s interviewed them for us. Read on to find out more about Cold Committee.

From North Wales comes the young and gifted Cold Committee who’ve come a long way in the short space of time with songs like Bane and Iceman receiving great reviews. They’ve just completed their ‘Pretty Green’ tour during which they received the seal of approval from one of their newest fans Liam Gallagher.

Below we talk to the bands singer / songwriter, Jordan Samuel, in an attempt to find out how it all happened so quickly for the band and to get a idea of what’s next for Cold Committee…

Hi Jordan…its been a great start for Cold Committee, and not surprising hearing Bane and some of the other songs on line  – firstly, who writes in the group?

Jordan Samuel: Thanks, regarding the songs I’m the main writer in the group though James has two tracks as well, but the rest of the songs are mine including the ones you mentioned. They also seem to be the tracks that many others have picked out and liked, its funny though because people around here (North Wales) mention ‘Valentine’ or Anthemic’ as a favourite, but when were playing down South ‘Iceman’ seems to be a popular song.

Is that hard work then, being the main songwriter

JS: Yeah, all the pressures on me hey (laughs), the lads are pretty supportive and that though, telling me “keep writing, keep writing” which is good because I know the songs will keep coming if I do just that.

Other stand out tunes you’ve got out there are ‘Anthemic’ and ‘iceman’, using some great vocals and melodies they sound really accomplished for debut material

JS; Well actually we’d like to get back in the studio and re-record those songs, like Bane and Iceman and make them sound bigger, then get them out as a proper EP release on i-Tunes. Don’t get me wrong though we all think they sound good and have got us this far, I don’t think I’d be talking to you today if it wasn’t for those songs but some people think the songs sound better live and we’d like to try and bring that out of the songs a bit more. I really like that live sound, you know when it sounds not quite perfect, raw and more edgy because that’s rock’n’roll isn’t it, like that feeling that anyone could fuck up at any minute, I really like that sound and think it would add something extra to those songs.

North Wales is your home, though coming from Flintshire right on the England / Wales border you all sound more English than Welsh…what was the music scene like back home when you got together?

JS: We find that quite a bit when were playing gigs down south like in London, people saying they think we sound more scouse than Welsh but that’s fine, its more on the outskirts really rather than right inside Wales. Where were from we used to hang around a venue called The Vegas Bar which was great for playing and watching gigs, in fact we played there ourselves the other night but to be honest there isn’t that much about. The music scene in north Wales over the years has gone a bit down hill but we’d like to change all that and bring it back up.

There’s been a lot happening with the group in such a short time and you’re still all quite young but seem level headed about it all, how did you all come together?

JS: The last couple of months have been great and a real busy time for us. Me and the Bass player are 20 and the drummer and guitarist are both 19 years old, we’ve only been together 6 months so everything that’s happened has happened really quick which has been great and a bit of a surprise as well. I was at the same college as our bass player and James was in the year below me. I used to play on my own and had wrote a few songs anyhow then me and James started as an acoustic duo. But we realised we wanted to put a band together, get a drummer and bass player in and so Adam Bass and Sam Hughes joined and that’s how the group started.

I guess a big move for the group was when you recently hooked up with your new manager, Frank Rizzo (an actor and big face on the London scooter / mod scene who is not only a good friend of Liam Gallagher’s but is also a big music fan) who offered to manage the band not long after hearing you. Can you tell us more about that please?

JS: It all started with Facebook, James came across Frank on Facebook and saw all these photos of him with Liam Gallagher and other people like Paul Weller, he looked like a mod and really into music so we thought we’d send him our songs and see what he thought. So we were real pleased when he said he liked the songs and was interested in managing the band, he set up a gig for us in Camden and we went down, played the gig and that was it, we signed papers and got our manager.

Great move, the net is very much the main focus for all up coming artists but good management is still key for new groups, so fair to say the last few months have been some trip, new manager, great reviews for your tunes and recent gigs, the Pretty Green store tour and on top of all that meeting up with Liam.

JS: In a way it feels weird, a bit like it didn’t actually happen in a way, its hard to explain. Like when we went to go meet Liam we had a gig that night but we got told to go down to this bar where he was at, we met him and he was great but like I say it was a bit surreal, its kinda like I’m not even sure if I did meet Liam Gallagher you know, a bit weird but good as well.

It caught quite a bit of attention didn’t it, I suppose you’ve been asked umpteen times ‘what did Liam say to you”?

JS: Yeah, its been the thing most people have asked us about to be honest, its the first thing that a lot of people have ask us lately but that’s still good, meeting Liam and just getting the chance to chat with him was great for all of us.

Maybe Liam saw the same drive in you lads that he had when he was your age – it’s not mentioned much that as a young lad Liam was obviously really driven, going out and finding a group then teaching himself to sing and perform even though he never came from any sort of musical background, as opposed to today where playing Nintendo Wii games…

New Artist of the Day: Cold CommitteeJS: …he actually said that too us, he said he liked that we had a group and were writing some good stuff instead of just sitting in and playing X-Box games. We didn’t actually speak that much about music or singing and that, we talked about all sorts really like football, because James supports Manchester United so that was a bit interesting but the main thing he said was to keep practising, whenever we get spare time we should use it to rehearse and keep writing. He told us that he’s heard the tunes and really liked them.

Tell me about the Pretty Green tour that the group not long ago completed, it’s something not many groups get the chance to do so what was that like?

JS; Really enjoyed the Pretty Green shows, that was also kind of a bit weird as well because it was something new for us but it was great, loads of young mods and the crowds were really into it. We got some great feedback with people asking about our music and where they could see us play again as well as loads of great comments online and on Twitter from people who had never heard us before.

Early days then but its been a great start for Cold Committee and equally great finish to the year hasn’t it, does it feel like its all set up for you to take it further next year?

JS: Very much, I mean we’ve heard comments from some people who say Jake Bugg did it this year and we could do something the same in 2013. Though he’s had a lot of chart success and is already quite big that’s the level we’ve got to aim for, it would be silly not to and a waste of time other wise. I reckon were focused enough but we still like to go out and enjoy it. We don’t really sit down and plan what were going to write or what were going to do too much though because you can’t force it, its better to let things come naturally sometimes as well. We’ve got a few shows and gigs planned for next year but I can’t say just yet as its still being arranged so just waiting for that to be confirmed, though we do have 3 shows for next year playing in Belgium. Next year for us right now is all about getting the E.P together and out there, building up our following and we’re all really looking forward to making it happen.

Follow Cold Committee on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

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