LTW Records

Louder Than War Records has been putting on great music by great artists since 2012.

Headed by John Robb the label puts out records by bands it loves, often their first releases.

You can buy Louder Than War releases through our store.

Releases on Louder Than War Records
LTW 001 Evil Blizzard ‘the Dangers Of Evil Blizzard’ CD/LP buy from here
LTW 002 King Champion Sounds CD ‘Songs For the Golden Hour’ buy from here
LTW 003 Faerground Accidents ‘We Hate The Same Things’ 7 inch buy from here
LTW 004 Kill Pretty never released!
LTW 005 Evil Blizzard Ltd edition pink picture disc buy from here
LTW 006 Faerground Accidents download single download from here
LTW 007 Southern Eletrikk download single deleted
LTW 008 Nightingales Mind Over Matter LP buy from here
LTW 009 Evil Blizzard single
LTW  010  Evil Blizzard ‘Everybody Come To Church LP buy from here
LTW  011 Postcards From Jeff DL single download from here
LTW 012 Ludovik Material DL single download from here
LTW 013 Super Besse album (out soon – review here)
LTW 014 Get Your Gun (out soon – review here)