Andy Whitaker: Things that Happened on Earth – album review & interviewA real treasure chest of acoustic performances comes from ex The Sun and The Moon guitarist Andy Whitaker on his new solo album ‘Things That Happened On Earth’. It’ an album oozing with beautifully plucked and finely pitched melodies which bring to mind artists like Nick Drake & Syd Barrett as well as groups like The Doves. These artists have all influenced & echoed Whitaker’s own melodic and very British sound, style and delicate use and phrasing of the English language.  Below Louder Than War talk to the Manchester artist about the time, effort and craft that’s gone into the making of ‘Things That Happened On Earth’

Recorded over a 5 year stretch between Manchester and Atlanta with Jack Sobal and John Kolbeck of popular alt-rock band ‘Black Swan’ both playing and producing, its long production only goes to add a sense of history or journey to songs like the tender folk strum of ‘Sublime Light’ or ‘High on the Mount’, songs that have been carved out of time, embedded with a natural quality.

Stand out tracks could be ‘Stars’, with its uplifting piano line reminiscent of the type of beauty ‘Elbow‘ seem to capture or maybe the big sound-scape of ‘Primordial Soup’. Then there’s the album’s electric outing with the grunge-like ‘Hydraulic Bottlejacks’ showing the singer-song writers harder / louder style it plays like a flip-side to the more pastoral and intricate sound of tracks like ‘Man’. The traditionally “good place to start”, the beginning, is the warm and slightly trippy opener ‘Your Car’ which is almost like an invite to travel the album itself & it does indeed make the perfect welcome to a wonderful album.


HI Andy, really enjoying listening to the album, there’s so much going on, imaginative playing, great song writing and all really beautifully done.

Thanks Carl. There was no pressure to write and record it. I didn’t have to contrive any songs for the album really. I accumulated most over the last few years. I purposely added about half of them in the last year prior to recording but there was no pressure from a record company, I wrote because I was in the frame of mind.

The influences are all there ground into your own play and style, the obvious maybe are Nick Drake but I hear The Smiths and many other groups and artist in there as well, was that one of the aims, to cover such a variety influences on one release?

I’m really pleased you receive it that way. Some have likened it to Shack and I have heard only a couple of songs from them. That reminds me I should get one of their albums with this HMV token someone got for me cause I do like them. Then some have pointed towards Love. My love of Nick Drake, Mogwai, Ray Davies, Stephen Malkmus, me, The Beatles, Doves, Syd Barrett is all in there I grant you.

Your first solo album, one that took 5yrs in the making and was recorded in Manchester and Atlanta, did either city have much influences on the songs or your writing?

Well it isn’t really my first solo album. I recorded an album called ‘Bewilderbeast’ back in 1992 but it was only recorded on 4 track and I marketed it as best I could before the days of internet. Manchester unavoidably has had a bearing on who I am I suppose. I wrote the lyrics to ‘Frank Abagnale” in Atlanta. I wonder if the city effected me because Abagnale conned people into believing that he was a paediatrician at a hospital in Atlanta.

Going back a bit, I know you played in Mark Burgess’ The Sun and the Moon but weren’t you involved with The Chameleons as well? 

I must clear that one up, I wasn’t in the Chameleons but I was in The Sun and the Moon & then after that Weaveworld and Music for Aborigines. Yeah you lose a name and therefore an identity when a band splits so working under your own name can provide some continuity. 

Andy Whitaker: Things that Happened on Earth – album review & interview

On the record also is Andy Clegg from your former group ‘The Sun and the Moon’, is the album a continuation or extension of what you were playing back then in anyway? 

“Singing September Song” the first written for this album stems back to an idea I had in Weaveworld so it nearly ended up being a Weaveworld song. Andy Clegg was also in Weaveworld and Music for Aborigines with me. Yeah I do feel that TTHOE has my stamp on it and also some ingredients thrown in from Andy Clegg.

Initial stand out songs for me were ‘Singing in September’, ‘Your Car’ and the electric sound of ‘Hydraulic Bottlenecks’, but which songs were the base of the album, its origins?

It all started with “Man” and “Sermon on the Mount”. After composing them 2 songs I knew instantly that I wanted to call the album Things That Happened On Earth. I wrote intentionally from then on to fall in with the theme. As I previously mentioned I already had “Singing September Song” and I already had “Hydraulic Bottlejacks” but they just fell in with the theme nicely. My mother Ivy Whitaker and John Lennon happened on Earth. Yes Folks Bottlejacks is about Lennon, In fact there is nothing that you can write about really that isn’t a thing that happened on earth except for stars :-) but you can see them from earth and anyway “Stars” is about how we are prisoner to earth and our lives here. The fact that just about all of us have to go through it watching loved ones be taken from us through death. We are just stuck with it.

There’s some big subjects on there as well, you cover The Suffragettes, The Dawn Of Man, Prostitutes, Religion, Love, Sex, Death and  always a good one to write about, your own life?

And I thought of myself as a shallow git. I’m always lusting after my wife Jan’s ass.

I like your comment describing the album as “the record to leave behind when I’m gone. This is the album to send into outer space for other civilisations to get an account of what life was like on Earth”. That’s deep, but so is the album…do you have plans to release another album? 

Well an account of life on earth from my point of view. One can argue that I’ve not touched on South Africa, Ireland, 9/11 (I wanted a photo of the intact twin towers somewhere on the album sleeve as a testament to what man did create by the way), Hiroshima but I didn’t want it to be a really heavy history lesson. I’m not the one to teach anyway. The next album has already started to grow within me but I’m not going to rush plus I want everyone to buy this one first. We are still in the red as yet, productions and musicianship of that calibre cost money.

Lastly, will we get a chance to hear ‘Things that happened on Earth’ live Andy, any dates lined up for 2013?

The only date as yet is at Carsons Bar in Middleton, Manchester on the 7th February 2013 with more dates to be announced.

listen to and buy ‘Things that Happened on Earth’

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  1. Andy Whitaker will be doing an acoustic set with Andy Clegg supporting The ChameleonsVox 16th June at The Witchwood and there own intimate acoustic set at The Green Room, Stockton-on-Tees on the 21st June.


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