LTW Playlist W/C 11th July 2011

The Louder Than War Playlist
Each week we present ”ËœSix Of The Best’ ”“ the six tracks that are getting our feet tapping here at LTW Towers”¦ They can be brand new; they can be old ”“ either way they are vying for space on the stereo!!
This week saw the final mission of the NASA space shuttle, not that long ago, the shuttle was at the forefront of mans desire to escape the boundaries of planet earth; now it has been consigned to the scrap heap. As such this week we have gone for a space theme…

Playlist W/C 11th July 2011

The Rezillo’s ”ËœDestination Venus’ ”“ Scotland’s very own sci-fi new wave outfit, seen here on Top Of The Pops in December 1978. We could have also featured ”ËœFlying Saucer Attack’, the bands second single which came out the previous year.

Jonzun Crew ”Ëœ Space Is the Place’ ”“ Like the shuttle itself, this 1983 Jonzun Crew track was represented the future… Released on the legendary Tommy Boy label and mixed by the then up and coming John ”ËœJellybean’ Benitez

Magic Fly ”ËœSpace’ ”“ Weird, we once all thought this was the sound of space itself!

David Bowie ”ËœStarman’ ”“ Released this date 42 years ago; Bowie had made a 30min showreel, and penned this track as the opening background music. The song deals with the launch of the fictional character ”ËœMajor Tom’ into space. ”ËœMajor Tom’ was a reference to Kubrick’s ”Ëœ2001: A Space Odyssey’ released the previous year. However, debate rages wether the song is actually about drug use, the countdown at the start allegedly being the time it takes for heroin to reach your brain once injected.

B52’s ”Ëœ Planet Claire’ ”“ The B52’s second single ”“ first released in 1979. The song deals with a waitress who is involved in a car crash, when she wakes she finds herself transported to Planet Topaz.

Only Ones ”ËœAnother Girl, Another Planet’ ”“ Released in 1978. Though never a bona fide hit, the song has easily become the bands most well known release, and no doubt provides a respectable pension. Has been covered by Blink 182, The Might Lemon Drops, The Lightning Seeds amongst others. As with Bowie’s ”ËœSpace Oddity’ debate rages ”“ is it all just a metaphor for drug use? Writer Peter Perrett’s problems with narcotics have been well documented ”“ Not a problem for Vodafone who used the song in a 2006 TV ad.

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