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Proto-Punk noise merchants Weird Sex give LTW an exclusive playlist of what the band are currently feeling. Here’s the band telling us the why’s and the how’s.


Aliment – Razors

The Spain punk scene is kicking it right now. I saw Aliment twice in a day at last year’s Primavera festival. They were fucking unreal. They play fast paced garage punk, two or three chord anthems, they remind me of the early Clash records. Razors is off Silverback which was released on La Castanya last year,  there are so many amazing Spanish bands right now and La Castanya have most of them on their roster. There is a dope compilation called Siempre Adelante: Los Primeros Anos de Discos Humeantes, it’s a great place to start if you want to get into the scene out there.

The Blind Shake – Society of Plants 

The Blind Shake’s latest album Celebrate your worth is something like their seventh or eighth album and it is incredible. Those first four tracks just rip your head off, I can’t remember being so hyped, this is the last of those four tracks it has everything, it’s huge, it’s glam, and it’s filthy as fuck. I really loved their previous records, they were some really great garage tracks on them but this record shows that they are maturing into one of the best bands on the planet.

Cavemen – Rides With The Reich

Such a fucking banger! Cavemen put on a real show, I checked them out after our gig at The Finsbury, they played Garageland and put on one of the best live shows I have seen. So fucking raw, absolute raw power. This was a stand out track I guess, it’s really catchy, fast as fuck, funny and should be played everywhere. It’s up there with anything The Ramones did, you heard that here first, I really believe it is.

The Black Jaspers – Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken, LSD, We’re a Happy Family, as if we couldn’t put that on our playlist!? This is one of King Khan’s projects, it’s a lo-fi punk DIY show. I saw him support The Spits and Hunx and His Punx in Berlin a few years a go with this project. He just came on with a boiler suit, a ghetto blaster and his guitar and just ran through it. BOOM! That record is eight years old now, it is still probably my most played.


Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Love Comes in Spurts

Anyone who knows me will know that the New York music scene from the late ’60s–the early ’80s, encompassing The Velvets, punk, new wave, disco, hip hop and no wave is my absolute touchstone. Richard Hell, who was bang in the middle of all that in terms of geography and timeline, is criticised for being aloof and pseudo-intellectual but listen to him spitting through the words of this classic and tell me he’s not punk af. Amazing sideman work from Quine also.

Brutal Knights: Teen Sex

They were part of the Toronto hardcore scene in the early noughties. I discovered them when a colleague was made redundant at work and I “inherited” her iTunes library. Their songs are short and nod back to old school punk in the melody and structure and also have very funny lyrics. I wanted to choose Self Gay Hand Job from the same album as I prefer that song, but this is exactly the same length (1″52″) as our single Mummy’s Little Soldier and it’s really good, so I went for this. Really, how much longer does a song need to be?

Elton Motello: Jet Boy Jet Girl

Tune! So my three picks ended up being about teen sex on way or another. This one, about the confused thoughts churning in a teenage boy’s head when he’s jilted by an older man for a woman, is lyrically and musically brilliant and really echoes the ball of confusion I was, growing up in the suburbs, not knowing who or what I was. The backing track was of course used for Plastic Bertrand’s big hit which ditched the risque lyrics. This punk era original, by an obscure English singer and a bunch of session musicians, is by far the better song. Kaoru


The Sting-Rays – I Want My Woman A groovy cover version of the old garage classic by The Emperor’s (sic – yeah I know, but that’s how it is on the record). I picked this up on a compilation called These Cats Ain’t Nothing But Trash, which is well worth checking out. The swaggering mean groove of the original remains intact and the vocal’s snotty garage punk delivery is cranked up to the max. Guaranteed to get the house moving.

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands – Huff Glue, Get Scars

I’ve been a big fan of Waylon Thornton’s since hearing Pure Evil back in 2009. It’s lo-fi swamp garage from Lake Butler in Florida, and features one of my favourite singing voices and some of the best songs ever written. He’s pretty prolific so there’s a lot of stuff out there, but my favourite albums are Pure Evil, Sixteen Dreams, Pale Jewel, and Enter The Coven’ All of his stuff is available for free on his Tumblr page.

Chain and the Gang – Devitalize

Ian Svenonious is a bit of a ledge, and his book Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group is one of my favourite books about music and being in a band. This is a great cut off the last Chain & The Gang record, Minimum Rock n Roll, but if you’ve not heard any of his stuff before it’s definitely worth checking out some of his other bands like The Make-Up and Nation of Ulysses as well.


Kas Product – So Young But So Cold

Violently apathetic industrial French Cold Wave. Two piece electronica, bound in patent leather, unapologetic and sticky. We’ve all felt like this sounds at some point – it’s got this synthetic and vague but unhalting, inescapable energy flow. Their album artwork was always amazing – this is pulled from Try Out, which spits a mapplethorpe-esque super phallic lily at you, and the equally sinister sister record Bypass has a headless Venus De Milo looking torso cradling a surrogate head at her hips. It’s intrusive, but subtle in its intent. The Tigersushi label used the title of this song to name a mixtape of French Cold wave bands operational between 1977 – 1983 a few years ago and it’s worth losing your head for a few hours with it as a companion.

Nico – Valley of the Kings (Live at Reims Cathedral – 1974)

I came across this live album whilst I was trying to score a film I was half-heartedly trying to write as a secret catalyst for petulantly avoiding going outside unless absolutely necessary, and it’s just beautiful, it soothed me infinitely, and I became less jealous of inanimate objects that would outlive me if never removed from the worktop… Long story short I never finished either. When you’re engaged in an emotional standoff with the defenceless, you’re not in a fit state to make something as beautiful as this symphony deserves, but in my defense and for context there was this maligned protagonist and I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to die at the end or not, so to spite him I stopped writing and didn’t allow him either and left him in a cruel purgatory. The plan was to have this song overlaid with some spoken beat poetry – some Plath or Leroi Jones as a soundscape, and I feel like I owe it something for abandoning it, selfishly. So listen to it and absolve me. Ben

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers – I Wanna Be Loved

Johnny Fucking Thunders.  Strummer probably did him better justice than I ever could in City of the Dead…

“‘In the city of the dead/Fall in love and fall in bed/It wasn’t anything you said/Except I know we both lie dead/’Don’t you know where to cop?/That’s what New York Johnny said…/’You should get to know your town/Just like I know mine'”, or more simply, Sylvain, when he swapped some NYD lyrics around to run ‘I can’t put my arms around you, Johnny’.

Not of this world, was our John, and he left it a king amongst dreamers, coolest cat to grace the earth. Do what you want, with Thunders as your laudanum martyr, your grubby and shameless guide.



Weird Sex can be found via their Soundcloud  Facebook  and Twitter where they tweet as @weirdsexband

Interview with Simon Tucker. Simon’s Louder Than War author page is here.

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