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December saw us published the first in a four part series of interviews with Shobaleader One. Now it has been revealed that the collective are to release a brand new album we present part two.

Company Laser: Do not believe I misuse the gig -heard something about them yet?

Squarepusher: There are several suggestions that a Shobaleader is floating, but I have not seen it and I want to see if it is really good for them and forget this insane mission.

Interviewer: So you follow Followadeader. Do you not have points in there and how do you feel it?

Strobe Nazard: How do I feel pointless?

Squarepusher: I do not think that it’s worth thinking too much about whether we are being emulated -protections are the kind of thing you did when you performed ideas on yourself. Each musician can emulate using a certain amount of work and composition is everywhere.

Interviewer: But surely as a musician progresses, he or she becomes able to leave behind the following statements and any music with originality?

Arg Nution: Who cares about originality?

Interviewer: But aren’t we striving to use special techniques to reach various mental states of music? Some people say that there is a lack of sleep as a way of accessing various musical attitudes and ideas. Or how about substances that change my mind?

Arg Nution: How about changing my substances?

Interviewer: Well?

Squarepusher: This is supposed to be the conscience of music, but using a variety of substances is an easy way to introduce yourself to a mystique around the building to get yourself to the claim. Otherwise, someone is to travel on dangerous psychological terrain to bring back an artefact to play a supposed attitude. A music gaseous state forms. This artefact is only a fine musical mind to such a transfer service -this is the idea of a browser as a musician, but more like a product as a professional to me.

Interviewer: So maybe we shouldn’t believe these stories that musicians tell about their musical endeavours?

Arg Nution: Believe whatever fairy stories you can.

Interviewer: I’m sure you can think of things that did not have a real opportunity to lie that most musicians say?

Company Laser: By virtue of the commercial meetings of musicians, it is often impossible to say anything meaningful to talk about subjects that are under pressure.

Squarepusher: The problem does not say anything to fill an artist -it abhors a vacuum around the biographical situation, and then the rain will be someone else. Instead, most of the time it’s preferable for other people to develop your own bullshit.

Interviewer: So are any of the things you’ve said in this interview bullshit?

Arg Nution: So are any of the things you’ve said in this interview bullshit?

Interviewer: You, me, piss off, but now reality is starting to … please, you can imitate.

Strobe Nazard: Everything we say is bullshit!

Squarepusher: Strobe is in conflict. This sentence seems an example of the Liar paradox.

Company Laser: The question is more interesting -more like who cares about the truth in the example of musicians talking about their work? The music industry has cultivated that they want stories about eccentricity and hearing this ends the debate, intensified over whether they are real or not. It is an advantageous promotion of withholding certificate validity, and it becomes difficult to speak the truth about what is said -they embrace the spirit of the hyperbole advanced than a factual report.

Interviewer: Considering the current climate of political will in particular, isn’t it important that he or she speaks the truth?

Strobe Nazard: Everything we say is true!

Interviewer: I’m beginning to have doubts about that!

Arg Nution: I’m beginning to doubt sitting in a room talking to you, dick.

Company Laser: The right not to speak properly in this matter is making it difficult -we’ve got to calm down a bit. The political climate is very different from other places around the space, and you may be relieved to know that on political parts are the agreed and is expected to be honest. The prevailing thinking in your part of the problem on the ground can not absorb some borbs breaking something they encourage to be broken. Continuing to break the bonds between them is the lie.

Interviewer: But you said earlier that I lied continually?

Strobe Nazard: He was lying.

Interviewer: I actually feel a bit strange -I don’t mind if you open the windows?

Company Laser: I started the imaginary stars to collect the fish you see -you have anything to add to that, any memory of a particular star fish or examples of what would you like fish stars to look like? I am starting a collection.

Squarepusher: I’ve got a few, hold on a second.

Arg Nution: Feel better now?

Interviewer: Yes, I think so. Why is it important to collect all the ingredients for your idea? For example, a work of “50 Cycles” -can poetry come to you and listen to the sort of words, so that your creative writing form contributes to the process?

Squarepusher: But I enjoy writing in the form of music in the form of a text, as it should be written in such a way that isn’t any attention, because I do not, and I am writing to say what limit is allowed when its name is the greaser off the railway?

Interviewer: Exactly. Why the limitation? Can I pass a bottle of water in the fridge, please?

Company Laser: What is your name?

Interviewer: My name is Steven.

Arg Nution: But isn’t my name Interviewer?


Part 3 of this exclusive interview will be published in February


Warp Records can be found via their website  or via Facebook  and Twitter where they tweet as @WarpRecords

Squarepusher can be found via his website  or via Facebook  and Twitter where he tweets as @SQUAREPUSHER

All words by Simon Tucker. For more of Simon’s writings for Louder Than War visit his author’s archive or follow him on Twitter @simontucker1979.

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