LTW boss John Robb in special spoken word event at Harrogate arts festival on June 7thTickets for the event are from here


Harrogate has a month long arts festival from June 4th to 27th and has asked LouderThanWar to get involved.


Next year we will be curating a whole tent but this year LTW boss John Robb will be doing a spoken word called ‘Punk Rock ruined My Life’ where he will be talking about… “Growing up in a northern town, Blackpool, festering away until punk rock saved my life, forming the loudest band ever, the Membranes, writing for the music press where he made up the phrase ‘Britpop’ and was the first person to interview Nirvana and the Stone Roses amongst others. There will be tales of the madness of playing confrontational music of the Membranes, truth about the punk rock DIY culture of the John Peel era and all the crazed stories of the music paper days in the middle of acid house, the manchester period and hanging out with a pre fame Kurt Cobain as well as many other bands he interviewed first like the Manic Street Preachers and many others from Madchester bands to grunge and back to punk…

There will also be stories about touring the world with Goldblade and reforming the membranes for a special one off gig in July called ‘the Universe : Explained’ where the head of the Higgs Boson project will doing an in conversation with John Robb on the beginning and the end of the universe andy will then conduct science experiments about the universe and the membranes will play along to a film about the universe- so expect talk about punk rock. music, science, the universe and evolution and also music as a force for social change and the Justice Tonight tour which John Robb did with Mick Jones from the clash last year playing Clash songs for the first tome in 30 years in an emotional tour for justice for the 96 fans who died at Hillsborough…

Tickets for the event are from here

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