Lower : Walk On Heads: EP review

Lower – Walk on Heads (Escho)
7″ / DL
Available now

This is a seven inch single or Bandcamp download from punk band Lower from Copenhagen. Two tracks of intelligent drum driven punk.

The drums pound it forward and create a swirling dissonance in the middle of ”˜Craver’ built on by bass and cymbals the guitars on top, discordant and noisy. Two minutes and twenty nine seconds. ”˜I’m craving for oxygen’ It’s claustrophobic and stifling.

”˜Escape’ is faster, more traditional if you like, straightforward and straight to the head. It’s two minutes and nine seconds long. The drums louder, in fact everything louder and faster and you realise it’s there in your brain.

So you get four minutes and thirty eight seconds of intelligent, noisy Danish punk rock. For whatever you want to pay. Your life may go on perfectly well without this, but I think it will be a tiny bit richer with.

You can get Walk on Heads from Bandcamp or order the 7″ from Escho.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.



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