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43424Louder Than War are pleased to announce the bright new four track EP from Love & The Family Tree, ‘GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1’, which is released for free via the band’s Soundcloud. The EP features the two stand out tunes we’ve already covered on Louder Than War, ‘PHONEY’S & FREAKS‘ and ‘Kobi Jones Rides Again‘. Read more about the EP below, where you can also find out how to download the tracks for free.

GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1 sounds like The Happy Mondays themselves might have gone on to sound not only because of the music but also as the EP features the brilliant voice of the Mondays’ own Rowetta on beautiful yet haunting shared vocals which give songs like ‘PHONEYS 7 FREAKS (SHOW ME THE TRUTH )’ that same kind of edge and emotion that ‘Loose Fit’ ran with.

L&TFT gives Monday fans the chance to really hear Whelan express himself on both guitar and on vocals by both showcasing not only some handy fret work but some fine tunes and striking lyrics too … like these from PHONEY’S & FREAKS…

“…just enjoy the pain, cos you cant have a rainbow with out a little rain”.

Gary WhelanPhoto above: Gary Whelan

Track 2 ‘Kobi Jones Rides Again’ is Whelan and L&TFT riding out with their own spaghetti western hazy hip hop nod to the real ‘Lone Ranger’. ‘The Rise/Fall of Monkey Mafia’ could be a salute to Whelan’s previous solo group with guitarist / vocalist Johnny Castro (Hippy Mafia) which opens up and runs off with one killer riff which will have you playing air guitar in your bedroom mirror in no time. Again Rowetta provides those unique backing vocals which effortlessly move in and out nicely with Castro’s Beck like delivery to offer up a real stoner’s delight in sound and style, L&TFT are not afraid to go from the dark and heavy to the up beat and fun in a single heartbeat.

GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1 finishes up with the dark groove of ‘BALLAD OF A POOR MAN’, it plays very much like Phoney’s & Freaks in that it’s just made for the big screen, from the darker side of the street it’s wrapped up the sinister vibe of Sugar Mikes’ rap and features backing vocals from Whelan himself. Altogether ‘GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1’ is quite a journey within 4 tracks, played with a freedom and held together by the bands many influences and inspirations – whether you’re a Mondays fan or not it makes no difference.

GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1 runs with the same freedom, fun and edgy vibe the Mondays did themselves and for that Gary Whelan and Love & The Family Tree have hit a home run on their first ever release.

Check out ‘GRANDE THEFT AUDIO VOL 1’ below. Meanwhile, to download the EP visit the band’s Soundcloud page, if you then “mouse over” each track in turn a download button will appear (along with some other buttons) – just click it! Then repeat with track 2.

Follow Love & The Family Tree on Twitter as @lovefamilytree and on Soundcloud.

Intro by Carl Stanley. More writing by Carl on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. Carl also edits the Your-Own: magazine and is on twitter as @Grimupnorth74.

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