‘Dreams From The Factory Floor’ (Street Revolution Records)

Released: 30th September 2013


It only takes thirty seconds before you realise that the much trumpeted myth about the death of the protest singer is just that…a myth.

Thirty seconds of cleverly constructed music, great melodies and a seering lyrical clarity that marks Louise Distras as the best upcoming protest singer we have and we have plenty out there. This fierce eyed, dark haired troubadour is yet more proof that this is not the apathetic generation, that people are not just taking it, that people are talking back. These are songs of love and fury couched and hidden inside big electric power punk anhems, the kind of stuff that fills stadiums in america but comes with lyrical bite instead of modern stadium fale punk songs about fancying somebody’s ‘mom’.

Louise comes from Wakefield, a Yorkshire market town that has had its unfair share of battering in the current malaise and it’s this social meltodwon, this monetary rip off, this great blight upon yet another genration that has inspired her muse.

She has been playing the punk circuit for a couple of years with foerce determination in her leathers and badges- a classic class of 77 look, bouncing through the decades like the ghost of protest past and remembering that, like Joe Strummer, not only do you have to talk the talk you always have to walk the walk and you can never, ever be off duty.

This social commentary stuff is all very fine but if you can’t back it up with the tunes then it has little point and it’s here that the young singer songwriter really makes her mark. These are crafted and impassioned anthems, songs of love and fury for yet another let down genration, more songs from the gutter looking at the stars- broken promises and broken hearts make great song fodder and in the right hands can sound inspirational.

The only tragedy is that these songs still need to be sung.

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