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Writers Tracks Of The Year

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We’ve had an interesting year of great new music to review and I thought, rather than albums, why not find out which tracks excited us the most this year.

This is an eclectic mix and goes to show that all our writers have a wide, weird and wild taste in the sounds that shape our words.  Just to make it a bit more off kilter I’ve not put the names besides the choices. Make you own minds up if you will.

This compilation will hopefully open your ears to a whole new world of tunes you wouldn’t normally be drawn to. Enjoy!


Plenty more to come in 2019 I’m sure.   Don’t touch that dial.  Louder Than War – the only New Music Website That Matters.


Compiled by Wayne Carey from tracks chosen by Nigel Carr, Phil Newall, Jon Kean, Simon Tucker, Ged Babey, Ian Canty, Roxy Gillespie, Keith Goldhanger, Sophie Marsh, Neil Hodge, Emily Oldfield, Mike Ainscoe, Paul Grace, Nathan Whittle, Arash Torabi, Ioan and Samuel Lambeth. Apologies to anyone whose tracks I couldn’t add.


Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here 

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