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Yes, it’s that time of year again readers. I’ve compiled a playlist from some of our writers top five tunes of the year.

It’s weird, eclectic, diverse and interesting. We all have our own tastes as this shows and I’ll let you decide who contributed which track like last year. You could make your own Christmas game out of it!

The only track I couldn’t find was by Armoured Flu Unit (that’s their morals kicking in – real punks don’t do Spotify!).

I’ve kicked it off with a top as fuck Christmas grime track to get you in the mood!  Enjoy…

A big thanks to the following contributors: Ged Babey, Gus Ironside, Nathan Whittle, Keith Goldhanger, Roxy Gillespie, Nigel Carr, Amy Britton, Melanie Smith, Emily Oldfield, Christopher Lloyd, Ian Canty, Nobby The Sheep, Simon Tucker and Neil Hodge.

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"I'm a 50 year old man, and I like it!" A music nut from North Manchester. If it's good I'm on it. Most genres covered but mainly alternative post punk indie with a dash of hip hop stylee.


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