Louder Than War Video Premiere: SJ EsauLouder Than War present the first video for the first track off of SJ Esau’s next album, due out in 2014 and titled Exploding Views.

Talented lofi indie musician EJ Esau has been knocking around the Bristol music scene for some time now. On more than one occasion I’ve seen him introduced by a band as someone who was either moonlighting on a one-off basis for them, filling in for another member of the band, or just taking part to add a different edge to their music. It takes a certain amount of talent to do that.

Like many Bristol musicians SJ Esau’s likes to collaborate, either doing so as a musician or as a talented film maker, one who comes up with the sort of curious videos that seem to perfectly capture what a band’s modus operandi is.

Musically SJ Esau has a peculiar talent for mucking around with various bits of electronica and producing wonderful sounds with loops and hooks and beats and the like, then overlaying vocals that have been compared to Jeffrey Lewis or Mark Linkous in the past(albeit a quirky Jeffrey Lewis or Mark Linkous). More recently he’s been collaborating with Sean Talbot in a project that goes by the name Landslide Purist.

And now it seems SJ has a new album in the pipeline, due out in 2014 and titled Exploding Views. This is exciting news. His first album came out on fabulous Los Angelian collective Anticon way back in the mists of time (well, 2007) and he soon followed that up with his second album for them in 2008.

We’re therefore majorly privileged to be able to grace the world with it’s first peek into what delights the new album’s going to hold with the video premiere for the track “Stubborn Step” below.

Inevitably the video has been made by Sam himself. He described it as a…

“…deranged music video made using an ordinary desk-top scanner, torches, the sun and the faces of Esau and chief collaborator, Sean Talbot.”

“This animated video was constructed from two thousand, seven hundred and ninety scans, many of which were dangerously retina compromising for Esau and Talbot, who had to stare directly into the scanner’s bright beam, the result is striking and disturbing.”

It seems we have a lot more of these to come too, as the man himself has promised us it’s the “first instalment of many similarly twisted visual works which will accompany each track on ‘Exploding Views’”.

For more videos by Sam ‘SJ Esau’ Wisternoff, place your eyes on his video production website.



Sam’s website is currently under construction but if you want to bookmark it for future reference then do. Also make sure you check out his Soundcloud page and if you’re into social media he can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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