Louder Than War Video Exclusive: Alan McGee Introduces John Lennon McCullagh and his Debut AlbumIn four days time (Monday 14th October to be precise), John Lennon Mccullagh’s debut album, North South Divide, gets released on Alan McGee’s new 359 imprint. By way of an amuse-bouche to the full release we’ve been granted an exclusive on the video you can find below, in which Alan McGee introduces the man himself and his debut album.

Louder Than War boss John Robb, wrote a glowing review of the album earlier on in the week. Awarding  the album a not too shabby 9 / 10 (especially considering the age of John Lennon McCullagh) he said (amongst other things):

“Like a young Paul Weller, a 1977 era Joe Strummer or a Billy Bragg when he was first on the road -but even younger- the sharp dressed kid from Doncaster sounds like he has seen it all and is singing it back couched in songs that drip melody and beauty and that have a gravelly wisdom and an anger when it’s needed.”

… and that was just the start of the accolades he rained down on the young man’s shoulders. If you haven’t  read his review you really should.

During the video below McGee talks about the first time he saw John Lennon McCullagh play & explains how he sang four Dylan tracks then “finished with The Masterplan, Oasis, and kills it”. McGee then carries on:

“I told him immediately, from that point on start writing your own songs if you want to make it”.

…and boom, a few months later & here we are with North South Divide!

There are, as ever with McGee, a few more pithy quotables in the video, all of which are uttered to the backdrop of the title track off the album … but I won’t spoil the rest for you – just click “play” on the video below & enjoy. Oh, and while doing so feel free to nip over to Cherry Red’s label to pre-order the album and to find out more about John Lennon McCullagh who you can also, should you be so minded, like on Facebook here & follow on Twitter.


All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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Guy is a former full time member of the Louder Than War editorial team, who's since moved on to pastures new. Music's been a large part of his life since he first stumbled across Peel on his tranny as a fifteen year old. His whole approach to music was learnt from Peel in fact, which includes having as inclusive a taste in music as possible. Guy devotes most of his time looking for new music & although he's been known to say "the only good music is new music" he pretty much accepts this is bollocks. Favourite band The Minutemen.


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