Louder Than War : top 25 new bands that might change your life in 2020New year, new decade…what have the roaring twenties got to offer us apart from world war three and endless burning fires?

Er, some new music…last year was a bumper year for new bands breaking big (Look at our top 50 albums here) with Fontaines DC (first tipped and written about on LTW and IDLES becoming huge – this year will be the same – never has music been more open and with all styles from Grime to guitars at full throttle expect a fully diverse and thrilling ride if the world lasts long enough…LTW writers including Andy Von Pip, Roxy Gillespie, John Robb, Wayne Carey, Paul Scott Bates and Richard Foster and more pick the cream from the crop…

1. MAG

With a trombone and a rack of effects pedals, MAG is a stunning one-woman performance who breaks all the barriers with a music that is like no other.

2. Def Robot

Former bandmates in Kerosene, Paul Taylor and David Hancox, began recording under the Def Robot name in 2019. With a shared enthusiasm for punk-rock-Americana, mixed with northern English grit and dark film noir, the sound and songs took shape.


A pitch-black pollination of noise, post-punk and no-wave.

4.Pig Frenzy

‘It’s Rotterdam as usual!! Pig Frenzy is a four-headed freak show from the gutters of Rotterdam. It’s dirty, it’s untamed, and it’s overflowing with pure energy.’ Richard Foster

5. Los Blancos

‘It is an album perfect in its sonic (intentional) confusion. The album swings from strummed slacker to Byrds interweaving. From silly jokes to serious statements. Los Blancos are a leading voice in what is an equally thrilling as it is terrifying time in our history.’ Simon Tucker review here

5. Burning Neighbours

‘They are fucking phenomenal. It’s the bassist Alicia, from Sweet Release of Death’s “other” band but they are equally brilliant – bit of a punky Throwing Muses thing going on.’ Richard Foster

7. Stepford Wives 

‘You can hear the influences in their like Pixies, The Clash, you get my drift. Niklos knows how to pen an anthem and right now they’re back in the studio planning the follow up. ‘Wayne Carey


Young Manchester band with full post Cabbage eccentric pop and witty vignettes laced with a wonk groove.

9. Seatbelts 

With the dislocated groove of Pavement and a whiff of David Byrne the Seatlbelts show much promise with songs that have something to say.


A thrilling collision between visceral Riot Grrrrl and early Birthday Party – 2020 will be the year for this fierce manchester band 

11. Sorry

Grunge is back!

12.The Mysterines 

Powerful snarling indie rock with the same sense of controlled dynamics of the Breeders from this Merseyside band

13. Black Country, New Road

As magic as the magic Band as they wrestle with the dislocated boogie of Captian Beefheart’s most thrilling moments and update to a new decade…

14. The Sweet Release Of Death 

Dutch band who compress Sonic Youth into wild rushes of captivating sound

15.  GHUM

‘GHUM hail from Spain, Brazil and London, and they bring together a mesmerizing, diverse mix of grunge and post-punk.’

16.  Sound Effects Of Death And Horror

Ambient, electronic, experimental music and soundscapes played by a man with a sieve on his face.  Influenced by classics like The Radiophonic Workshop, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jon Carpenter.

17. Body Type

Australian a band with clever and insightful powerful guitar indie

18. Football FC


19. Deja Vega

It’s finally their year – NW band with a fantastic tripped out melange of guitars and ideas – the future is finally theirs…

20. Otha

From Oslo trance-inducing club music for introverts, a pulsing, hands-in-the-air big-room anthem with a bedroom-pop heart.

21. The Kidney Flowers

Musically Primitive Fast Food Enthusiasts.

22. Hector Gannet

Hector Gannet is both a solo project and a band, led by Aaron Duff. Writing and performing original material. Alt ‘Harcar’ rock with folk influences. 

23. Culture Vultures

There’s a whole wave of music about to break out of Wales that doesn’t have a sound just a hunger. Culture Vultures are Welsh hip hop that combines a twisted R ‘n’ B and even, at times, Nine Inch Nails

24. Xqui

No one knows how to say their name and they make their music by feeding field recordings and found sounds through mobile phone apps.

25. Veiila

From the ever giving St Petersburg scene, this is a ‘Music for introverts… an electronic duo with ideas…’

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. John Robb… there is serious hip hop right here, right now in 0161 and yet again you swerve it and I need to ask why?


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