the state of music 2012: how to survive in music
the state of music 2012: how to survive in music

Louder than War top 100 albums: from 80 to 60
Louder Than War Top 100 albums: from 80 to 60

Louder Than War Top 100 albums: from 80 to 60. the countdown continues…

60. Citizen Fish (Alternative Tentacles)
Another great album from the consistent parallel project of the Subhumans.

61. Cut Hands 1 – Afro Noise (Susan Lawley)
This is the debut full-length from Cut Hands, the latest solo incarnation of Whitehouse founder William Bennett. Combining electronic music, polyrhythmic percussion and world music instruments in a tough album.

62. Sarandon ‘Age Of Reason’ (Oddbox)
Lsat of the death to trad rock bands dealing in shrapnel guitars and frantic drumming, a reminder of the potent power of this style of music.

63. Ã…rabrot ”“ Solar Anus (Fysisk Format)
Post rock noisenik action from ferocious live act from Norway.

64. Yann Tiersen ”“ Skyline (Mute Artists)
A definite and deliberate effort to juxtapose louder, more dense songs with quieter, acoustic guitar-led tracks, united by common underlying atmosphere of dark euphoria.

65. The Manic Street Preachers ‘National Treasures’ (Columbia)
I guess we are breaking the rules by having a compilation album ion here but this album stands the test of time with a lot of the manics favourites pulled togrther in one today comp.

66. Sabre-jets ‘Nice n Greasy Every Time’ (Raucous)
Greasy rock n roll from Belfast crew.

67. Mastodon ”“ The Hunter (Roadrunner)
Mastodon’s fifth album sees them taking the rock into new shapes.

68. Skull Defekts ft. Daniel Higgs – Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey)
From Sweden, Skull Defects are Scandinavia’s answer to Sonic Youth and the Ex, deconstructing rock into new shapes but keeping the rock and noise elements.

69. Das Racist ”“ Relax (Greedhead)
No taking the easy road for the obvious future of white rap. This is as alternative and difficult a take on hip-hop as it’s surely possible to actually, y’know, enjoy.

70. SBTRKT ”“ SBTRKT (Young Turks)
2011 was the year of dubstep going mainstream. Whilst we largely ignored that over here, SBTRKT’s record ironically combined music that sounded like undulating vowels with soulful vocals that stayed the right side of cheesy (take note, James Blake).

71. Wild Flag – Wild Flag (Wichita Recordings)
It’s probably a sign of the state of the indie music scene (or of indie critics’ inherent misogyny) that it comes as a surprise to hear a bluesy, boozey, Stones-drenched record such as this sung by an actual girl. A brilliant throwback to the uncool 70s of Peter Green.

72. Noi!se :This Is Who We Are (Noi!se)
Best of the current crop of new American street punk bands. With a set of raw, anthemic street punk anthems this album stands out.

73. J Mascis ”Several Shades of Why’ (Sub Pop)
The first solo outing from J Mascis shows his acoustic side with an album of close up personal songs that showed the breadth of his songwriting skill.

74. Frankie And the Heartstrings – Hunger (Pop Sex)
Classic british indie pop with shades of orange juice and even the Smiths…

75. Earth Crisis : Neutralize The Threat (Century Media)
Perhaps the heaviest album Earth Crisis have released so far sees the punk/hardcore band take their revolutionary stance to a logical conclusion with a history lesson on revolutionaries.

76. UK Subs `Work In Progress’ (Captain Oi!)
The Subs are three decades in now and show no sign on winding down. Constantly touring the world they somehow found time to make their best album for years. High energy rock n roll with a punk rock twist. Charlie Harper should be a national institution.

77. Okkervil River – I am Very Far (Jagjaguwar)
Okkervil River are a band who will never get the same kind of sycophantic media fellatio as Fleet Foxes; something that is dreadfully unfair as their soft melodies are ten times as warm and organic as anything their more feted contemporaries have ever proved capable of. Heartbreaking record.

78. Parts & Labor ”ËœConstant Future’ (Jagjaguwar)
Brooklyn based trio whose noise rock actually rocks

79. Yuck ”“ Yuck (Mercury Records Ltd)
Yuck’s blisteringly brilliant debut could have featured at number 79 of our albums of 1990. However, despite all the fuzzy guitars and boy/girl harmonies that dominate the album, tracks like ‘Get Away’ prove that Yuck aren’t actually Sonic Youth reincarnated. It’s a jittering feast of distortion, howling riffs and chanting lyrics. So that would make them PIXIES then?

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