new single from Louder Than War records : Fawn Spots
new single from Louder Than War records : Fawn Spots

The latest release on Louder Than War records is out this week.

It’s a two track seven inch single from Fawn Spots.

Order it from here.

We love this single- a noisy two piece who write great catchy songs. They love Black Flag and Minor Threat but also have the knack of writing pop songs.

The noisy powerpop duo from York who are frantically climbing the gig-circuit ladder are landing on publications faster than people can get a word out for them. When delivering hyperactive, effects drenched pop-ditties with the fever of the early SST bands, their often dramatic, always entertaining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of early college rock, eighties American punk and the lo-fi/noise resurgence of recent times. Getting tired of the insular ego based focus of the local music scene, Fawn Spots formed a collective putting on their own shows in a Victorian basement of an art gallery with tremendous results. Each night includes a record stall, cakes for sale and project movies; definitely a committed bunch if nothing else.

“It’s an almost impossible trick to take the glorious rush of underground rock and make it into pop music without losing any of the imagination and energy but Fawn Spots have pulled it off. Versed in early Dischord records and post hardcore noise they have somehow turned it into a glorious, noisy melodic guitar wall of sound…” – John Robb

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