Louder Than War Presents IRO IRO (vol.19): Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo – live review

Louder Than War presents IRO IRO vol.19

Crawfish, Akasaka – Tokyo

25th May 2013

Committed to bringing the joy and splendour of live music to everyone, Louder Than War’s second night of live music in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, in association with IRO IRO was another storming success.

Canadian born singer songwriter Phil O’Connell’s band Arthur Pentameter kicked off the night by delivering their professional and stylish melodious progressive rock which filled the room with smooth & warm sounds that spearheaded a wonderful start to the night.

Bringing their enthusiastic and colourful personalities i-na’s contemporary electronic, spirited and engaging sound proved to be an exciting and engaging performance. Bassist Moya, vocalist Rin, drummer Hiro and guitarist Nori not only played a stimulating, exuberant set but also the group were genuinely warm and involving.

Louder Than War Presents IRO IRO (vol.19): Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo – live review

The raw honesty of Oh Captain! My Captain! is, to a large extent, what live music is all about, bringing youthful vibrancy and creativity to an audience who in turn allowed the band and their music to progress and expand. OCMC’s punk rock garage sound is peppered with melodic surprises, funky twists and anthemic lyricism. It had the audience right on their side, as did the band’s friendliness & clear enjoyment of performing. Their infectious sense of humour was a charming bonus.

Roku Shiki六式 certainly delivered a riotous, dynamic and exhilarating set. Roku Shiki supply a slick, humorous yet impassioned punk rock peppered with malevolent snarls & all played at an exceptionally fervid speed. By concluding their expeditious yet extremely friendly set full of charged guitars Roku Shiki brought our live performances to a close with the crowd genuinely ecstatic.

Louder Than War Presents IRO IRO (vol.19): Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo – live review

Louder Than War presents IRO IRO would like to thank: All the bands that played ~ you rock! Jake and Carol at the Crawfish for being great people in a great venue. We are sad to hear that from June 2013 the Crawfish will close, as Jake and Carol move forward to ventures new – we wish you the very best for the future. Finally thank you to IRO IRO’s Tom Melesky (for everything including his supreme MC’ing skills) and Andrew Tyrone Rodgers.

Louder Than War presents IRO IRO will be taking a summer vacation and plans are afoot for something very big and very special come autumn ~ be prepared! While you wait how about checking out our Louder Than War presents IRO IRO vol.19 highlights video below.

All words by Katie Clare. You can read more from Katie at her author’s archive.
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