Bladefest 2011

So much to look forward to

These days attending music festivals, and updating your status whilst buried up to your knees in glorious mud has become a part of every UK teenagers right of passage into adulthood ”“ from early May onwards to late September there are literally dozens of festivals to choose from; except you can’t choose”¦

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To gain access to many you firstly need a credit card, then there those that have pre-sale registration, then it’s a matter of military precision to actually obtain a ticket; numerous laptops logged onto a multitude of sites whilst nimble fingers constantly hit the all important F5”¦ and for what? To watch Shirley Bassey, Rhianna, Tom Jones and the like arrive by private helicopter, perform – a safe distance from YOU (wouldn’t want to sully their designer threads) then disappear in said helicopter ”“ hardly rock ”Ëœn’ roll!
Fear not intrepid music friends, there are alternatives ”“ the DIY festival is on the increase, no corporate sponsorship, no helicopter landing areas for performers and no luxury chalets/teepee’s etc for the ”Ëœfans’.

One such event is Bladefest, held every year in rural Leicestershire; it bills itself ”Ëœmore a gathering of friends than a festival’ ”“ it’s Goldblade’s very own event with them headlining each year.

Some of the other bands appearing this year include; Flats, Vincent & The Onepotts, Eureka Machines, Eastfield and The Scaramanga Six

Eureka Machines ”“ Leeds based rock/power-pop, due to release their second album ”ËœChampion The Underdog’ on the 3rd May 2011, the follow up from 2008’s ”ËœDo Or Die’ which gained plaudits from all elements of the media; The Sun hailed it ”Ëœpower-pop perfection’, Classic Rock declared it ”Ëœridiculously catchy’. Champion The Underdog’ is those and more. Frontman Chris Catalyst has an innate ability to churn out some of the catchiest, and most energetic songs of any band in the UK today, surely this release will see them step up to a wider audience.

Eureka Machines ”ËœThese Are The People That Live In My House’ YouTube Embed Code

Eureka Machines Website: ”‹

Eastfield ”“ Lancaster based, strictly three chord punk rock, with a huge grin on its face; Eastfield have been the number one purveyors of “rail punk” since 1996 [with several major overhauls and rebuilds along the way]. Formed in Birmingham, UK, they combine an unashamed love of first generation BR diesel power with good punk ethics (animal rights, real ale, etc) and a healthy dose of self depreciation. Their lyrics are a mix of the satirical, ironic and angry delivered with a biting sense of humour. Live or recorded their guitar/drum driven sound provides a Rail Freight worthy tonnage of in your face punk sound with clear vocals that are worth listening to. If there is a celebrity worth hating Eastfield have a song about them or one will emerge from the workshop soon.

Eastfield ”ËœAnother Boring Eastfield Song’

Eastfield Website”‹

The Scaramanga Six ”“ Another Leeds based rock/punk/pop outfit due to release their sixth album ”ËœCursed’ any time now. As with their earlier releases they construct intelligent well crafted songs with a hard and yet flamboyant edge. Drowned In Sound described their sound as “intense-yet-aloof rock operas” They are entirely independent, self release everything, produce their own promo videos ”“ with that sort of spirit they had to be part of a DIY festival

The Scaramanga Six ”ËœPressure Cage’

The Scaramanga Six Website”‹

Flats ”“ London based angry punk with impassioned vocals ”“ have received literally reams of press, endless airplay, and were even described as “the most important band since The Sex Pistols” Recently signed to One Little Indian Records who have just put out new single ”ËœNever Again’ on 7” vinyl (obviously!) Front man Dan Devine outlined the band ethos “We came up with a sort of manifesto that we haven’t deviated from; the songs have to be fast, short and heavy and the vocals have to involve me screaming as loud as I can.” They have one song called ”ËœRat Trap’, which contains a refrain that simply runs, “Paul Weller’s a cunt”, alongside some lyrics about Pete Townshend that are”¦ very rude. Flats are going to be huge; this may well prove to be one of the few remaining chances to catch them in such an intimate setting.

Flats ”ËœNever Again’

Flats Website”‹

Vincent & The Onepotts ”“ The oddly monikered Midlands four-piece who hide amongst their membership ex Blunts, and Drongo’s For Europe members. The Onepotts hit hard; real down and dirty rock ”Ëœn’ roll, as evidenced on their recent album ”ËœDevil’s Eye’ Uberrock described them as ‘Hurtling through the speakers on the musical equivalent of a flamin’ hotrod with the pedal to the metal and that middle digit fully extended to a rousing ‘Fuck You’.

Vincent & The Onepotts ”ËœDevils Eye’

Vincent & The Onepotts Website ”‹

We will cast our critical eye over some of the other DIY events in the coming weeks.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


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