Louder Than War Premiere Cover Buzz 7” Which Features Four Brilliant UKHC BandsIn a few days time, on 14th Oct to be precise, a record title “Cover Buzz”. Drawing together some of the best bands around at the moment flying under the general banner of “hardcore” it promises to be a highly sought after release and today we’re thrilled to be able to give you a sneak preview of the whole 7″ via an exclusive stream.

Featuring tracks by Let It Die, Pariso, MINE & Svalbard the 7″ is, as the title may suggest, a collection of cover versions by the four bands. Although I’ve generally lumped together all these bands under the “hardcore” label for simplicities sake, the release actually helps demonstrate how far-reaching the genre is, as the bands pretty much all come from different “disciplines” of the category. In the process of listening to the five tracks here you’ll be taken on a ride that embraces punk, hardcore, powerviolence, grind, screamo, crust, metallic hardcore, thrash & all points between.

Hardcore’s always been one of the most collaborative & DIWYM (or DI With Your Mates even) of scene’s out there, something that’s demonstrated by the vast number of splits you can find featuring hardcore bands. There must have been more splits just by hardcore bands this year than there have by all the bands in all the other genres put together. So it makes perfect sense that these four bands should come together even though they (almost) all record for different labels. It’s also a scene that has a keen regard for its history so the fact that the bands are covering some of their favourite artists makes perfect sense, as does the intent stated in the press release that the 7″ should highlight “some classic and modern bands that fans might not have been previously aware of”.

The band’s covered on the split are Tear It Up, Victims, Witch Cult, Weekend Nachos & 7 Seconds.

As you may be able to guess by the cover art the 7″ has been made to look and feel like an old jazz record. It is limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies on jukebox vinyl & frankly is a bit special!

It’s our avowed belief that the hardcore scene in general is currently as healthy as it has been for ages & that’s embodied as much by these four bands as any others & that the general music press cover so little of it is strange (and yes, we could cover more of it ourselves).

MINE – Everybody Hates Me. (Cover of a song by Tear It Up)

It seems like ages ago that i first heard MINE, although in actual fact they haven’t been around very long. Their debut self titled EP received a fair bit of attention in hardcore circles, but it was only when their second EP came out a few weeks ago that we really began to realise just how good they are. I was lucky enough to catch their first ever live show. They were at the bottom of the bill & I remember walking in on them already playing thinking how it was unlikely they’d be propping up many undercards in the future. It was a totally solid and assured performance which oozed “tightness”. Considering this was their first ever show is pretty impressive.

Led by Chris “ex-Hang The Bastard” (Oh, and talking about HTB make sure you check out their recent 7″ ‘Sweet Mother’ / ‘DYAD‘ which is an incredibly brutal slice of dark metallic hardcore) the band as a whole make a brilliant swirling post-hardcore sound; full of atmosphere it properly lifts you up thanks to the soaring riffs which combine with more delicate but none the less equally uplifting moments. Over the whole coruscating sound from the instruments Chris gives his all with, harsh screamed vocals which provide a perfect counterbalance to the sound going on around him without ever diminishing their power.

MINE’s recent EP, Disappear, which I’d encourage you all to buy, is available via Holy Roar’s website here.

MINE can be found on Facebook here. They also have Big Cartel, Bandcamp & Twitter pages / accounts.

Svalbard – This Is The End. (Cover of a song by Victims)

Bristol band Svalbard have also only been around a while after forming last year. Again, I was lucky enough to catch one of their first shows but this time by accident – I’d paid to go see the band playing in the main room at the venue & for a £1 surcharge was allowed to check out the bands in the smaller room as well. That I ended up missing most of the set by the band I’d come to see tells you a lot about how blown away I was by Svalbard. Hec, I can’t even remember who that other band were now even.

Svalbard are another quite atmospheric & intelligent hardcore band & yet they’re very different compared to MINE (who pretty much have carved out their own niche in the hardcore genre). They don’t rely on brute strength to bludgeon you with, but rather favour coruscating soundscapes with the vocals relatively low down in the mix for a hardcore band. This gives the swelling sounds of the instruments the chance to shine and the whole is soaked with reverb as well as occasional quite beautiful guitar fills which all adds to the emotional pull of the songs. At times their sound leans more towards post-rock rather than post-hardcore, but in this case that’s no bad thing. If anyone were to ever tell you that they thought hardcore bands “played by numbers” please point them in the direction of Svalbard whose beautifully layered sound packed full of emotion will quickly divest them on any such silly notion.

Svalbard’s Flightless Birds is released on 7″ vinyl through Tangled Talk Records on October 7th. Make sure you grab a copy. Stream it / pre-order on their Bandcamp. Svalbard can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Pariso – Straight Hypocrisy / Images. (Covers of songs by Witch Cult and Weekend Nachos)

We’ve spoken about Pariso already once right? You remember, back in May 2012 when we reviewed their “Nothing Beyond Everything After” album which we praised to the hilt. They recently released their follow-up to that album, Consanguinity (download for free here) and boy has it done the job of not only building on the foundations of that early promise, but also raising the bar that little bit higher for them.

On Cover Buzz Pariso have taken on the task of covering not one but two bands, both much loved in this parish, Weekend Nachos (who we reviewed live here) and the amazing Witch Cult, a band responsible for two of my favourite nights out in the last year & a bit. Sadly the last time I saw them was their final ever gig having decided to call it a day. On that night though they totally put on a show to be remembered by. Hec, the people of Bristol even got their collective shit together well enough to show them a near perfect ten persons human pyramid – quite a remarkable event considering what was going on around them.

Pariso are a bit more vigorous than the previous two bands, being, as they are, a bad whose sound often borders on metal. They are a much more chaotic, punishing & brutal band than either MINE or Svalbard, but despite the noise going on it can’t keep the melodies at bay which occasionally reach above the broiling mass that is the band’s undercarriage & grab your attention. In this respect Consanguity is a bit different compared to Nothing Beyond Everything After which was more like having someone repeatedly spin kick you in the head (talking of which, Pariso live are incredible, you could put lead singer Mazz in an room devoid of furniture, doors or windows & he’d still find something to  stage dive off). Although, having said that, you’re  never going to be far from some powerful crunching riffs & straight up brutality where Pariso are concerned – and I, for one, would never have it any other way.

Pariso’s album Consanguinity can be downloaded for free here. Also find them on Facebook, their Bandcamp & Twitter.

Let It Die – War In The Head. (Cover version of a song by 7 Seconds)

Let It Die from Northampton played the aforementioned Weekend Nachos show too. A powerviolence band who also err on the side of crust they spend their time playing either pretty fast or pretty slow. That they list their “band interests” on Facebook as “riffs” alone tells you pretty much all you need to know about the band, but I’ll still carry on a bit anyway.

Back in July Let it Die put out a split 7″ with Monolithian titled Because The World Is Perfidious, I Am Going Into Mourning. The Let It Die side to the split demonstrates their twin skills of playing both fast & slow to perfection. Singing seemingly through gritted teeth they know how to hold back with a bass driven grinding sound which sounds simple but sure as hec isn’t, as well as they know how to dramatically raise the pace & launch into some grim ferocity. It’s a deep echoing sound they give out & one which reaches damn near into your soul.

The aforementioned spilt 7″ can be bought from Let It Die’s Bandcamp. They can also be found on Facebook.


If you want to pre-order Cover Buzz check out any of the band’s websites or social media links as above, or go to straight to Chris of MINE’s website HERE where you can find more info about the release & a linkt to the EP on Big Cartel.

Links to relevant labels: Tangled Talk, Moshtache, Enjoyment, Holy Roar and Dog Knights.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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