Album Cover Art PEOPLE DO

Album Cover Art  PEOPLE DO

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the new video by an artist that we’re sure you’re going to love (if you don’t already) – John Lemke.

John’s a Glasgow based composer & sound designer. Originally from Berlin he’s swimming against the tide in being one of the few artists who these days are moving from Berlin to the UK & not vice versa.

John has an album due for release in a couple of weeks (19th July) on the ever adventurous, never boring Denovali label – truly one of the most reliable & exciting labels putting out music in the modern day. We’ve had a listen to the whole album -which gies by the title People Do- and are in love with it.

Coming as he does from a film background it’s one of the rare occasions where describing his sound as “cinematic” is actually literal as well as descriptive. The ‘soundscapes’ on the album come across as quite minimal but as usual with such compositions that belies the truth – which is that the tracks are in fact incredibly complex in structure. To back that up I’ll quote from the press release here which describes the album as:

“…a distinctive sound blend … where percussive, prepared piano collides with abstracted guitar landscapes & disembodied vocal textures to form a danceable, electro-acoustic whole”.

What you end up with is an intricate & startlingly beautiful set of music that’s guaranteed to send you to a peaceful, reflective place as you let the deep, multi-layered music wash over you & take you on a journey unlike any you’ve been on before.

Sticking to the “journey” theme, the album was recorded in various locations including Berlin, Bristol, Helsinki, rural Spain and Glasgow.

For those of you who like your music reduced to an acronym this is both FFO & RIYL (For Fans Of / Recommended If You Like) the likes of Four Tet, Boards Of Canada, The Notwist, Hauschka, Pole, Aphex Twin, Lali Puna.

The track chosen for the video is Ivory Nights and we definitely implore you to make it go full screen for this one – it’s a stupid thing to say maybe but this is a video to watch, not one to start playing then go check on your twitter!

Finally, the album launch concert is at Mono / Glasgow (free entry with suggested donation) on the 14th July. Full details about the launch can be found here. If you want to check out either Denovali or John Lemke more there are some links below the video.


More info about John can be found on his Denovali artist page. He also has a website and is on Facebook & Twitter.

Denovali records website is here. They’re also on Twitter & Facebook.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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