Louder Than War Premiere: DeathcrushPhotograph by Tarjei Krogh

Louder Than War have the honour of premiering a new track by up ‘n’ coming Norwegian band Deathcrush, a fiery alt-rock trio from Oslo.

We get sent an awful lot of new music at Louder Than War as I’m sure you can imagine. A lot of it is really good & it’s sad that we haven’t got enough staff or time to feature everything. Occasionally though something a bit special pops out at us & it’s so good we simply can’t pass it by. When we’re then offered a premiere of a track by the band in question, well, y’know, it’s a done deal. So, ladies & gentlemen, prepare to welcome your ears to Deathcrush, a band who’ve been building up an amazing reputation over the last year with some cracking live shows & a band whose time is about to come …

Hailing from Norway Deathcrush are a trio channelling all the brimstone & fire of your favourite Riot Grrrl bands but mixed up with a modern day sensibility. That they toured with Sleigh Bells will come as no surprise to anyone who hears their peppy, ballsy marriage of catchy tunes & frightening noise. Appearing to defy ‘labelling’ as such their sound exists in some kind of hinterland slap bang between indie anthems & destructive noise rock, something that makes much more sense when you learn that they’ve recorded with both Billy Anderson of Swans and Melvins fame as well as Jørgen Træen of Datarock & Annie! In other words imagine Annie mixed with Melvins & you’re on the right track!

The stream we have, Lesson #13 for Nanker Phelge / Fire, comes off their new 12″, Skool’s In. Their previous release came out only as a flex-disc accompanied by its very own Deathcrush magazine. Obviously a band who like to tease with modern convention then both in terms of how they release their music & also how they play their music.

Track list:

A “Lesson #3 for Gina Kikoine / You Now”
AA “Lesson #4 for Wharton Tiers / Strauss”
B “Lesson #13 for Nanker Phelge / Fire”
BB “Fire Remix” by James Njie

Deathcrush also have some UK Shows lined up:

  • 9th October – The Old Blue Last, London
  • 10th October – Rock City, Nottingham
  • 11th October – Club NME, Koko, London
  • 12th October – Lennon’s, Southampton

You can find Deathcrush online at their website, on Facebook or on Twitter. You can also check out some of their music online at their Soundcloud page.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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Guy is a former full time member of the Louder Than War editorial team, who's since moved on to pastures new. Music's been a large part of his life since he first stumbled across Peel on his tranny as a fifteen year old. His whole approach to music was learnt from Peel in fact, which includes having as inclusive a taste in music as possible. Guy devotes most of his time looking for new music & although he's been known to say "the only good music is new music" he pretty much accepts this is bollocks. Favourite band The Minutemen.


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