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The observant amongst you will have noticed we launched a new website design overnight. The old one was causing us quite a lot of headaches both back and front end, and as anyone who tried to read it on a tablet / smart phone will attest, doing so was nigh on impossible!

As is invariably the case with these things there are still a few gremlins avast, so please bear with us while we iron these out. If you spot any that aren’t listed below do drop a comment below (or hit us up via our social media) and we’ll pass it onto our tech guy.

Louder Than War is stronger than it’s ever been at the moment with more visitors coming to the site than we could have imagined when John started this whole shebang up a few years ago. Thanks for all your continued support! We hope you like the new site and that your time spent on it will be a more pleasurable experience now than ever before.

Known issues:

– Images on the homepage are a bit blurry on mobile devices.

– The Search has had to be turned off. We recommend you get a “google site search bookmarklet” for now. Go here then click on and hold the words in red that say “search this site” and drag up to your bookmarks toolbar in your browser. Rename “SS” or something. It works on every site on the internet and frankly pisses on WordPresses built in search function!


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  1. What would be great is on the photo gallery section you have an arrow so you can move back and forth between images, OR if we are feeling flashy maybe a photo slideshow in the future?

  2. It’s definitely a big improvement for sure, and very good to see that it’s mobile friendly.

    However as a web designer myself I think you have some work to do on the navigation/menus. There are two menus in the top bar and they both seem to do the same thing, I don’t get why the main navigation on the left doesn’t have dropdowns so that you can quickly get to deeper levels in each section. I’m assuming the menu button on the right is for mobiles, but is appearing on my desktop browser. Confusing!

    Also each section should really have the section sub menus in the right hand column instead of being under the page title and above the content, as it’s pushing the content right down the page.

    Finally what’s that big flash advert doing at the top of the page? Who uses flash anymore? It’s also taking far too much vertical space on the page.

  3. Any improvements are welcome, and thanks for all the news and great articles you all do for free, good luck with new site, JimD

  4. Melanie on a wordpress based site setting up a photo slide show is pretty easy. I put four on one page for a gig I attended recently. Check it out here httpss://soundofsummer.org/category/gig-gallery-enter-shikari/


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