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Louder Than War presents IRO IRO Vol.18 – A Night of Live Music in Tokyo

The creative, informative and emotional force of music is never more dynamic and honest than when it’s live. With the power of the internet the world of music, and its uniqueness’ of styles, genres and culture influences, is more accessible than ever before and Louder Than War is here to expand and communicate the world’s most exciting and interesting music to the attention of listeners worldwide.

On Saturday March 9th live in Japan’s excitingly, dynamic and unique capital city, Tokyo Louder Than War is proud to present IRO IRO vol.18.(Facebook event page).

IRO IRO was established in Tokyo in 2009, its goal to put together nights of live music for a Tokyo audience, playing host to eclectic line ups of great live acts from across the capital and beyond, both home grown and international. IRO IRO believes that there is sure to be something for everyone.

Together Louder Than War and IRO IRO will, in the heart of Tokyo at Akasaka’s friendly and interactive live house Crawfish, assemble four talented bands and artists for a fantastic evening of exceptional live music. And because we believe everyone one should have the opportunity to experience live music there is no cover charge that’s right entrance is free – well, as long as you buy a drink.

The vol. 18 artists are as follows …


molice 2012

Tokyo J-rock three piece MOLICE are combining a love of classic alternative rock, classical musical training and a real life Japanese outlook. Together since 2007, Molice have a sound that is formidably diverse. With powerful swells of new wave, pounding boulders of punk energy & fresh cyclones of indie guitar all melted to perfection by fiery heat filled vocals.

MOLICE (The ‘MO’ from Mr Jim Morrison and ‘OLICE’ courtesy of The Police) began playing live houses in the Tokyo area before they secured a set at Summer Sonic Festival, after which, Rinko (vocalist and guitar), Yuzuru Takeda (guitarist) and Takashi Koyama  (drummer ) worked relentlessly releasing demos and videos while constantly gigging, both within Japan and overseas: including  dates in the UK. Along the way they gained a solid & loyal fan base. 2012 saw MOLICE release their third album ‘Neugravity’, awash with a clever mix of raw hooks and multi layered lyrics, it paints a picture of regulatory control, of being accosted, rejected and the ensuing chaos of anarchy. Their website, Facebook and Soundcloud have information, links, audio, video & in fact all things MOLICE.




Honeyproof are a global trinity who believe “All of life should be taken in as is, with both sweetness and bitterness unenhanced”.  Jeff Dudley, lead singer and guitarist, hails from the USA, while bassist Will Jackson is from UK and Paro on drums is from Japan, together they offer up an ambrosia of song-based melodic alt-rock with just a drizzle of shoegaze. HoneyProof are happy to share their inspiration which comes via the growth and evolution of Tokyo as a microcosm of humanity as a whole and being big fans of indie bands in the Tokyo live house scene. We decided to indulge a craving for HoneyProof and meet up with then for an exclusive video chat.




English Singer /song writer Andrew Tyrone Rodgers has been writing songs and playing a multitude of instrument since he was 13 years old. Now based in Tokyo he is a prolific part of the city’s live house scene, both on his own and as a member of several bands over the years. ‘I usually come up with the beginnings of songs in my head whilst walking around town eating apples. Words are important but it’s more of a universal thing for me to get my emotions across through the melodies’ say Andrew who recently released his sophomore album ‘The Passing of Time’. Here is the opportunity to listen for yourself as Andrew is generously offering the whole album as a free download. Returning after a short hiatus in the UK and Ireland he’s back in Tokyo and on stage as a trio with Katsuo Suzuki and Bradley Bennett.




Formed in 1999, while running their own record label Small Fingers Records artiste Maikotobranco have honed their powerful progressive rock harmonies to a point of near perfection. Singer and guitar man Ryuta Kodo, along with Genta Tomikawa (bass) and drummer Tomohito Yoshijima sport an impressive back catalogue of albums and EP releases over the past decade. Have a listen to their great Soundcloud for proof.


For more information about the event, including access information, please take a look at the Facebook event page which is regularly kept up to date by IRO IRO’s Tom Melesky with videos and information from the artists and bands.

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  1. Listen to a “J-Pop Exchange” The Louder Than War Presents Iro Iro Vol. 18 radio special with live streaming at
    The “J-Pop Exchange” on WVCR 88.3FM in Loudonville, NY will have a 1 hour segment focused on the music of Molice, HoneyProof, Maikotobranco, and Andrew Tyrone Rodgers on 2/23 8-10pm USA EST (2/24 10-12pm in Japan) (2/24 1pm – 3pm in the U.K)

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