Louder Than War Interview: The Whip

Following their recent show at Jodrell bank (see our review HERE) Louder Than War’s Elspeth Moore caught up with The Whip’s Bruce Carter to talk about the band’s genesis, their soon to be released album &, naturally, dairy produce.

Louder Than War: Who are the band?

Bruce Carter: My name’s Bruce Carter – Vocals, Synth, Guitar. Nathan Sudders plays Bass, and Fiona Daniel plays the drums and sings too.

Louder Than War: How did you form? Why did you pick your band name? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

Louder Than War Interview: The WhipBruce Carter: I started up the band with Danny who’s no longer in The Whip. We’d been in a band together in Manchester called Nylon Pylon who’d just split up and we spent a year writing and recording songs that became the first album in the haunted cellar of a pub in Salford.

We worked with Nathan at a music shop and he used to like the bass lines from the songs. He was the natural choice for bass, he recommended his friend Fee to drum so we had a rehearsal in her bedroom which was awesome. I remember shouting “hit it harder”, it was a really memorable time as it felt pretty magic when we played together. We played so many gigs early on, it was a great time traveling around in a car and not really going to bed.

I’ve always loved mixing live and electronic instruments together, it makes for a really interesting sound with lots of energy. We were going out clubbing a lot and I loved the energy of indie and guitars too so it’s always made sense to me to make music like we do.

Louder Than War: Do you write your lyrics? Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?

Louder Than War Interview: The WhipBruce Carter: We write songs in lots of different ways, the first album was just me, then the second album I wrote and then we all worked on the songs in the studio together with a producer which was something new for all of us.

We’re writing the third album at the moment and it’s been a really cool journey of trying different things out together. Everyone is bringing songs and sounds to the table and we’re all being creative together which I think will make for a great album when it’s finally done!

Louder Than War: What do you think about sharing music online & giving music away for free?

Bruce Carter: Music being heard online is such a breakthrough. Ok I do miss finding a hidden gem in a record shop and the smell and touch of a sleeve and record but it’s so great that music is so global now, things move a lot faster though.

Giving the odd song away is a great way of letting your music be heard.

Having said that, streaming is really great too, Myspace was a massive help to us when we were first coming out, people really picked up on that at the time and it introduced us to and allowed us to communicate with lots of like minded artists from other countries.

Louder Than War: What are your future plans? Any gigs lined up?

Bruce Carter: As mentioned we’re really excited about finishing the 3rd album that we’re working on right now. We’re lying low in the UK and Transmissions was our only UK festival show, we tried out a new song which went down really well.

We’re playing a few European shows, a lot in Spain but mainly gearing up towards album 3 which we hope to get out early next year!?

Louder Than War: What would you see as “success”?

Bruce Carter: To me success is survival and just being able to carry on doing what we are doing as a band, just keep the journey going on.

Louder Than War: What is your favourite Angel Delight flavour? (it being a whipped dessert – JOKE!)

Bruce Carter: Angel delight. Ooh I love dairy produce, especially the stinky cheese variety and the sweet kind. A whipped desert is a real treat, I think Chocolate is my whipped weapon of choice. Fee and I are big fans of chocolate milkshakes, she witnessed me practically orgasm during a special one after a gig in Brighton, it was from this homemade cookie & milkshake place and it really did me in! We both also find the best chocolate milkshake to be Chocomel which is unfortunately only available in Holland.

The Whip’s website is here: thewhipband.com. They’re also on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

All words & photos by Elspeth Moore. More writing & photos by Elspeth can be found at her author’s archive.

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