Louder Than War Interview: Joe Symes and The Loving KindSome of you may remember that we’ve already spoken to Joe Symes and The Loving Kind once before. Well, they’ve just released a new album so we decided a catchup about the new release was a good idea.

Louder Than War: What’s changed since we last spoke to you?

Joe Symes Hello, Great to be here! We have just released our self titled debut album which is now available to download on iTunes & Spotify. We now have management and have formed our own label and management company Truly Independent Records & Management Limited. We have also been doing Live radio sessions, magazine interviews in the UK & USA and we are getting ready to play festivals & promote the album.

Chris Loving Kind I didn’t know you had spoken to the band before. Well, since you have I’ve joined on bass. It’s been a crazy few months, not only learning and rehearsing the songs, but getting the album out, gigging a lot and promotion.

Colin Loving Kind Yeah, the album’s now out, the gig to launch it went amazing last week. There’s so much more to come, too.

Paul Loving Kind Well, Chris and myself have now had chance to settle in and add a new dynamic to the band.

Dave Loving Kind Yeah, it’s been great. We’ve worked really hard to get the perfect sound for our debut album which is out now. As Joe has said we now have management which has helped to push us further forward. And it’s great that they share the same aspirations for the band as we do. :-) The label has helped us to start getting ourselves ‘out there; officially and it lets us do what we want to do.


Tell us about the new album (see trailer for it above)

Joe I’m very proud of it, it’s been great to record and it shows us as a band with the different styles of songs that we are writing and performing, The process and concept of the album I think is great, I’m really happy with the outcome, presentation and how it sounds.

Chris I think it’s quite a diverse album. There are a lot of different “styles” of songs on there which work well together. The album shows a good variation in song writing, not just the same prescribed formula for each song.

Colin There’s so many things going on. One minute we’re doing west coast jazz, the next we’re doing Beatles-esque Psychedelia. It’s very diverse, but consistent at the same time.

Paul It’s a great mix of musical and other influences. People have said, “Oh, that’s not what I was expecting,” and proceeded to name their favourite tracks, which is a good sign.

Dave It’s really eclectic. It has a sort of concept about it but nothing that you can instantly detect. We wanted to produce something that was what we are about and something different. It’s sort of a collective of our influences, ideas and style but I suppose isn’t that what all artists try to put across? The fact that we have put our heads together and come out with this album shows that we have a great understanding about each other and that it shows we are not just a one trick pony so to speak. There’s real depth there under the layers.

Could you tell us about the best / worst gigs you’ve done?

Joe I can’t think of a bad gig we’ve done personally up to now…? We have had really great feedback on the gigs we have been playing, Long may it continue.

Chris We’ve had some really good gigs recently where the feedback has been amazing, and you can feel the audiences we have been playing to are really starting to get and enjoy the songs. Manchester seems to really like us at the moment with us being asked back to play in the city more and more.

Dave I can’t really think that we have ever had one.  I’d say its more that there have been gigs that have stood out more so than others. And they’ve all been great especially when you hear them singing your lyrics or going mental when it all goes off in a particular song. So thank you to the fans who make this possible :-)

Paul To me they’re all good gigs and nothing’s gone wrong so far (touch wood). What matters is that it gels on stage and we play our best.

Colin I don’t really like to think about bad gigs, there haven’t been that many, but as far as best gigs are concerned, for me, it has to be between the most recent four gigs that have happened this month.

Louder Than War Interview: Joe Symes and The Loving KindWould you say your music has changed significantly since we last spoke?

Joe Yeah, the new songs and styles of the songs that we are writing, I think you have to better your last work otherwise it’s going to be more of the same, I don’t like to put together a song and have it sound like the last one, I’m always wanting new sounds on songs and even change the song structures and not repeat what we have done.

Dave Definitely. I touched on this about the album and it’s relevant here. I suppose it helps that we’re all talented musicians who are dedicated to our art, the band and each other. So through that we bounce ideas off each other and we have and will come up with some surprising but great results.

Colin Our music is changing all the time. We’re always finding new things to do. I’m very proud that I’m in a band that isn’t monotonous like some out there.

Are there any new bands really standing out to you at the moment?

Joe I really like The Noisettes, I wouldn’t call them a new band but I like their approach, very retro style, Phil Spector wall of sound which I really like.

Chris I don’t have the greatest attention span in the world, so what I listen to varies all the time, but I suppose I’ve been listening to Warpaint quite a lot recently as I think they are due a new album. I also like what First Aid Kit are up to at the moment, but if you ask me the same question tomorrow the answer could be completely different.

Dave I quite like Tom Odell especially as he’s piano based. I saw Ben Howard on the TV the other week I’m sure it was at Glastonbury.  I quite like him too. Joe’s choice is a good shout. Good band. :-)

Paul The Strypes with their old school R&B. For such young guys they’re really doing well and I hope they stick at it.

Colin I’ve mainly been retracing a lot of music recently, but I see a lot of potential – like Paul – in a band called The Strypes from Ireland. They’re only teenagers and their repertoire at the moment mainly consists of classic R&B that The Stones and The Yardbirds covered back in the early 60’s such as Route 66 and Got Love If You Want It, so it would be great to see them develop their own songs with those ingredients more and more when they approach their 20’s and beyond.

What would you like to achieve with this album / with the rest of the year?

Joe For myself the album to sell well, a lot more bigger gigs, big support slots and to continue to enjoy playing and have success.

Chris I personally would like the album to do well, and to make people stop and take notice of what we’re doing. With a bit of success from this album, getting it out to as many people as possible, we can start to get the bigger gigs, playing to larger crowds, which is what playing in a band is all about. It’s an exciting time.

Dave Well to sell!! Yeah and hopefully on the back of this get some more recognition so to play some high profile support slots and / or gigs. I think a festival would be nice too!! ;-) Am I asking too much? Ha-ha.

Paul The album itself will generate a lot of interest in what we’re doing and should help open doors and avenues for us to explore.

Colin. Yeah, great sales and feedback will be good for me.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Joe Join our Facebook LIKE page, buy the album and attend the gigs as the fans support is very important to us as a band.

Chris Just that the album is out now to buy on i-Tunes and Spotify, and CD purchases can be made through our official website joesymes.co.uk. Cheers.

Dave. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and our website www.joesymes.co.uk for more info and some crazy goings on in the next few months. Our album is available via i-Tunes and Spotify. Download it and enjoy. ;-)

Paul I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio now that the band has a proper chance to settle and get numerous live performances under our belt. Our new single will soon be on its way.

Colin Yeah, what he said. Ha! Ha!

You can find more form the band on Twitter where they’re known as @joeysymes and Facebook 

Interview by Roisin Kelleher. More interviews & writing by Roisin on Louder Than War can be found in her author’s archive.

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