Louder Than War Interview: Dan Maines of Clutch

Clutch bassist, Dan Maines, was kind enough to answer some questions about the band in the midst of their UK tour. Topics include their new found harder sound and the increasingly popular (except with Paul Weller) Record Store Day.


Louder Than War: Your last record, Earth Rocker, (reviewed in Louder Than War here) came out at the start of 2013 and was seen as a heavier and faster approach to the traditional Clutch sound. Is that something you’re planning to continue on future records?

Dan Maines: We started writing songs for our next release at the beginning of the year. So far we seem to be continuing in that direction, keeping the energy level high. It’s been great playing the Earth Rocker songs out on the road and that’s motivating us to stay the course.

Is there any chance of a new record sometime this year or the start of 2015?

Our plan at this point is to finish up writing in the Autumn, head into the studio and have the record done by the beginning of next year.

At the end of last year Neil underwent surgery that caused the band to postpone some shows. Has there been any hiccups since the operation, or is Fallon back on 100% fighting form?

Luckily the surgery went like clockwork. It was important for him to have that full recovery time to heal properly. I think anyone who has seen us lately will agree that he is back 100% and more focused and intense as ever!


Has it ever at any point seemed like curtains for the band?

We’ve had some difficult times in the past concerning labels mishandling our records to put it mildly. The business end of things can sometimes have a negative effect on the creative end. We were at the end of our rope with record labels. Our only option was to create our own outlet for our music, thus Weathermaker Music was born. We were given lemons and made whiskey sours.

You recently released a split with Lionize for World Record Store Day. I was reading an article about how Paul Weller got very shirty about the whole idea due to touts buying up his singles and selling them on eBay. Do you feel that, even though that happening is a negative, Weller is right to pull out of something meant to boost independent stores, or does the overall principle of the event outweighs that?

I think Record Store Day is a great idea for both the stores and the artists. You can’t let the actions of a few ruin what really is a great experience for most. I’m very proud of the split disc, Lionize is a great band and we are very excited to be involved with their latest album Jetpack Soundtrack.

Have you had any similar issues with the release of the split?

I have heard nothing about that.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope the rest of the tour goes well!

Thank you, come check out our next gig!


Clutch’s website is here. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

All words by Ian Critchley. More writing by Ian on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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