Danjasop are husband and wife duo Kelly and Caleb Ellis from Los Angeles and Toronto. They’re also an underground producer pairing who are just emerging from the LA bass-heavy dance music scene with a brilliant new EP called Wino Rider, off which we’re stoked to premiering a track today. Check it below.

Wino Rider will be Danjasop’s debut EP. It drops officially on the 30th July and forms the first of a two part EP series. While being firmly embedded in the bass heavy electronic music scene there are also elements of artists like Mungo’s HIFI and, of course, Major Lazor in the way their beats are reminiscent of reggae type dubs and bass-play and have undertones of same running through all their music. They blend that with a dizzying number of other bass music sub-genres, such as dubstep, moombahton and trap as well as hip hop and even electropop. The whole leaves you with a quite bewildering and exhausting listen and one that’ll probably get you up ‘n’ on your feet.

The press release explains how their tunes are formed…

“Kelly and Caleb’s production process for each song was born from individual ideas, starting from a hip hop-type beat and built adding more dance and dub elements, and it’s through the collision between those different styles and the conscious choice to avoid repetition in song structure, that have come to define their truly unique sound.”

Danjasop can be found on Facebook and they tweets as @danjasop.

Check out Qwenstafari below…


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