Louder Than War boss In Conversation with Steve Barker

We’ve told you lots & lots of times how brilliant Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire is so no doubt you all tuned in to last Saturdays show right? Yes? No? Well in the unlikely event that you didn’t listen in to it what you missed was our John (Robb) in conversation with the peerless Steve Barker, the show’s host. The very highly regarded show (and not just amongst us) welcomed John as “One of On The Wire’s oldest friends” before ruminating on how long it had been since he last appeared on the show (the answer was 25 years!).

John was mainly there to discuss the “madness” of his starting up a record label in 2012 & to play music by all the bands on the Louder Than War imprint. The two were probably in conversation for around an hour so there’s plenty to get your teeth into there.

We first pointed you in the direction of On The Wire back in July 2011 where we concluded it was one of the top two places to find new music in our “Ultimate Guide on where to hear new Music“. Then of course a couple of weeks ago we published a fascinating interview with On The Wire’s Steve Barker.

All you need now is a link to listen to show: iPlayer link.

On The Wire’s website can be found here. If you aren’t already listening to the show weekly you really should. It knocks spots off any of the shows on 6music, radio 1 & R1Xtra combined. You should also consider following @saveonthewire too – it’s not run by On The Wire but it has their support.

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