LostAlone are one of the more fascinating of the home grown British rock bands. Big Kerrang favourites they have rewritten the rule book and in conversation talk excitedly about Meatloaf, Jim Steinman and Queen swerving the rules of fashion and creating a highly original music of their own.

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1 Queen 2 – Queen.
Everything I love about music is contained in this album- stacked vocals swooping in from all angles, mind blowing guitar orchestration all crystallised around perfect melodies. Most importantly for me is an almost reckless abandonment of any notion of being cool!

2 Sheer Heat Attack – Queen.
Released in the SAME YEAR as Queen 2 (1974) This album takes everything unique about the band and finally presents it in a digestible way that the general public could understand and in doing this afforded them the freedom to go crazy for the next 15 years, a flawless record.

3 The Family Jewels – Marina And The Diamonds
My love for this album knows no bounds, I’ve never felt so strongly that someone is coming melodically, lyrically and conceptually from the same place as me than on this album, nobody else agrees! :)

4 Hunky Dory – David Bowie
I just love how this record sounds, it’s epic but without too many overdubs. The epic nature comes from the scope Bowie is reaching for and achieving especially on “Life On Mars”

5 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
My kind of album! So many genres are on display here but all tied together with Elton’s natural ability for a hook. Bernie Taupin’s lyrics are creative and simple on this album making it a universal record. A record with class

6 Bad – Michael Jackson
The third in the Quincy Jones trilogy just edges the other two for me. He didn’t just make Thriller Pt 2 but a whole new genre is born that is still the blueprint for today’s American superstars. When you listen to Bad with headphones you really feel like Michael is singing directly to you.

7 Attack Of The Grey Lantern – Mansun
Paul Draper’s masterpiece of soundscapes colliding together to create mini epics in some places sound like if Oasis had only listened to Bowie. Taxloss is REALLY how the Beatles would have sounded transported to 1996

8 Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf
Jim Steinman’s in one album sums up everything I love, it’s like a rock musical with some of the best melodies ever written. “Two out of three aint bad” is a masterpiece! No label wanted to release it so they did it independently and it became one of the biggest selling records of all time! More punk than punk.

9 Weezer – Blue album
Combing melancholic depressive self loathing with the pure pop of Brian Wilson, still presides like giant over its genre and then they did it again with Pinkerton.

10 Definetly Maybe – Oasis
It’s dripping with the justified arrogance of knowing you’re THAT good at writing songs, Slide Away is a personal favourite. A record that sounds like it could have been made for very little but the song quality shines through.

11 Now Thats What I Call Christmas 1985
My mum has it on vinyl, it’s the best collection of Christmas songs ever! All the 70’s & early 80’s classics without any of the synthetic post 90’s garbage.

12 Immaculate Collection – Madonna
Too many artists release greatest hits records and stuff them with filler, not here. Whatever style melodically this album is perfect from start to finish. Only Queen Greatest hits can match it for actual content.

13 Pet Sounds – the Beach Boys
I put this record on when I need to calm down and feel peace. It’s a record fuelled by an intense rage to be the best (better than the Beatles) but also an intense love for the spirit and melodic purity.

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