Los Pecadores: Escape From Uranus – album review

Los Pecadores: Escape From Uranus (Owlbot Records)
LP / CD / Cassette / DL
Out Now

Los Pecadores are mask wearing, B movie obsessed surf punks from outer space. Brett Savage enjoys their debut release.

I think its time we talked about Uranus. Uranus has really been causing us some problems for a while now. There has been some unexplained emissions coming from Uranus and the rock samples we have collected from Uranus have thus far yielded nothing in the way of answers.


Newly minted Leeds record label Owlbot bring us Escape From Uranus – the debut Vinyl (and CD – Sophomore Lounge offshoot – Loin Seepage are releasing the cassette version) from Luchador mask wearing, B-movie obsessed surf punks Los Pecadores. At this point, it’s fair to say that Los Pecadores are going to pick up plenty of Man Or Astro Man? comparisons. Not least, as they play a very similar line in SciFi tinged, clanging surf rock in the vein of the early MOAM? releases. Now if that’s a crime, then you can cuff me right now, sir. Discounting Los Pecadores as mere soundalikes would be both churlish and unfair, not least as they bring plenty of their own Uranian madness to the space station. For one, they are swampier, punkier and heavier than anyone else making this type of music. There is some distinctly metallic riffing on here, and some of the drumming would hold its own against US Hardcore’s finest in terms of muscularity. There is also something of a distinct Northern English sensibility going on, which is curious, especially as they clearly hail from either Mexico or outer space (maybe from a planet that’s cultural development has eerily mirrored that of the Latin continent in the early 60’s).


It would be pointless to dissect the album track by track, as that would do it a disservice. Escape From Uranus is a continuous ride of atomic, punked up madness that does not relent one inch, surrendering only when the needle lifts off the end of side 2. Tracks fly by in a flurry of unhinged B-Movie quotes and Theremin squalls. If you’ve ever wondered what a surf punk band playing a metalloid version of Holst’s The Planets would sound like, Los Pecadores willingly oblige on Intergalactic Nuclear Fallout.

This is a fantastic debut album and definitely one for anyone who cherishes those early Man Or Astroman? releases. I just worry about the state of Uranus after Los Pecadores have finished with it.


Los Pecadores can be found on Facebook and BandCamp.

All words by Brett Savage. More work by Brett can be found in his Louder Than War archive.


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