Los Chicos ‘In The Age Of Stupidity’ – album review

Los Chicos ‘In The Age Of Stupidity’ (Dirty Water Records)
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“The world is a mess, a ball of confusion, so we’re here today to offer a solution. Get drunk!” So sing Los Chicos on their new record, ‘In The Age Of Stupidity’ and yes, sounds about right.

They’re back! Following on from their previous outing, We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit, Madrid’s finest garage-rock drunkards have crafted yet another album that perfectly encapsulates their riotous live shows of careering and caterwauling chaos. From the opening riff of ‘Hear It Again’, these five misfits tear through half an hour of expertly crafted party garage rock. Always petering on the edge of collapse, yet held together by a tighter-than-a-gnat’s-ass rhythm section and attack of guitars from what is surely rock n roll’s only identical twin team of axe wielders, the record barely stops to take breath.

Don’t be misled though, as this is no dumbed-down, beer-swilling blast of garage, although alcohol is a prominent feature throughout. It’s testament to lead singer Rafa that his topical, satirical and comical lyrics, often sang in his gravel scratched voice, always shine through. Whether they’re lambasting throw-away Facebook culture in a world where everybody’s dying to be the next cool thing (Age Of Stupidity), rallying against ingrained laziness (Willie & The Handjob) or simply opining the wonders of various alcoholic beverages (One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer), Loc Chicos do it with such tongue-in-cheek aplomb that you can’t help but smile, or, as in One Bourbon, piss yourself laughing.

From start to finish this is a garage-rock party album, one fit perfectly for the times.


1. Hear It Again
2. You Sold Me
3. War Or Party
4. Age Of Stupidity
5. Willie And The Handjob
6. On My Face
7. A Miracle Working
8. Motel Ford
9. Colored Caves
10. Sportman’s paradise
11. Fire in Our Soul
12. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, One Wine

Words: Nathan Whittle

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