GLASTONBURY 2016 BY KEITH GOLDHANGERThe UK’s most loved festival, Glastonbury, could be facing an unsure future after the proposal to move the site 20 miles away to Longleat in 2019 have fallen through.

Despite the fact that many people love the current site many practical issues have made it difficult to remain there with Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis seemingly making the decision to move the festival from his 10,000-acre estate after land ownership issues made staying on the site “very, very difficult” despite the fact he would “love it” to remain. Maybe one of the reasons it may have to move is after decades of muddy years most of the topsoil will have been trodden around the rest of the UK on a million welly boots!

The shock of moving the festival was one thing but now it appears that the whole festival itself could well be in limbo with Lord Bath, the wacky owner of Wiltshire’s Longleat estate, being overruled by his own son in his quest to host the Glastonbury festival – raising fears over its future. Discussions are on going…

Do people want to move?

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  1. What point, if it cannot continue on the current site then it has to stop. Everything has to come to an end. I have missed one festival in over 20+ years so I don’t post this lightly, the farm is as much the festival as anything.

  2. I think sadly it would have to end. The Pilton site is such a large part of this amazing festival. Perfect festival in a perfect place.


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