Logan Callahan
Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan – All my mistakes

Self released

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Louder than War have a listen to a latest New York State troubadour.

Logan Callahan is a singer songwriter from Hudson Valley of New York State. ‘All My Mistakes’ is the independently released debut album from this impassioned voice that has the weight of the world on its young shoulders.

Recorded in Hudson Valley during the spring of 2016, ‘All My Mistakes’ is a collection of six original songs written by Logan as he has honed his craft and experienced all the ups and downs life can bring. Produced by David Andersen and with accompanying musicians Ian Flanigan and Brady Totten, the four have created an album that expands Logan’s original guitar based songs into fully rounded pieces.

From the outset, eponymous title track ‘All My Mistakes’ sets the scene for the whole album. The guitar is played beautifully and the chord structures Logan produces are both dramatic and heartfelt. His vocals have a rough edge to them that immediately reminds one of Chad Kroeger or Chris Cornell. Hey, either way he has a great rock voice. Singing about a “broken facade” and “i wasn’t a monster”, Callahan sets up a tone of both regret and missed chances?

Follow up ‘Sunrise’ has a big sound, with again great chord changes and impeccable singing from Callahan. What strikes one from this track (and the whole album if i’m honest) is the quality of the production, and in particular, the drum sound. The producer has got the sounds on this album spot on. I like that.

The intriguingly titled ‘Judas Scheme’ is one of the standout tracks of the album. Again, Callahan’s heartfelt lyrics and vocals are allowed to play amongst the loud ‘grunge’ influences this songwriter obviously has. Nice distortion, big enveloping noise.


‘ReBirth’ is probably THE standout track of the album. It is passionately sung, the druma are again prominent in the mix and the noisy parts have a real ‘grunge’ influence that i really like.

Before the final track ‘Rearrange’ which again is a quiet loud quiet affair that has Callahan’s strained vocals and big noisy finish, the beautiful ‘Selling Lies’ is a stripped down piano led masterpiece that is another standout track on this album. The guitar is low in the mix and the vocals and piano basically take centre stage. Just a beautiful song and one of many on this album that hints of the potential at play here. One to look out for.

Logan Callahan can be found via his Soundcloud.

Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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