Local Girls: Deluxe Kicks – album review

Local Girls: Deluxe Kicks (Sour Puss Records)
Out: 10th Sept 2012

They might have one of the least Google-friendly names out there but Local Girls are well worth searching out. The London four-piece’s debut album Deluxe Kicks is one of the most exciting releases of the year, full of snarky attitude, acerbic lyrics and fuck-you pop.

Built around bass-heavy riffs and Ginger Bitter’s detached, partly spoken-word vocals, the record is jammed full of great moments. Opener Yeah Roy sets the tone with a grinding, Boss Hog-style sleazy groove as Bitter (in what becomes a theme on the album) tears an unfortunate loser to shreds:

“With your filthy old words
And with your skanky old teeth
You have got…so little chance…

Racist Tune continues with the venom, perfectly pitched and razor sharp, with a “crashing bore” being put firmly in their place. Snotty, sarcastic and withering, Ginger sounds like one of those evil girls that would take your lunch money off you at the school gates, even if you’re 40 and only walking past to buy fags.

Jesus Complex Man mixes Bleach-era Nirvana skronk with a clanky chorus and Raincoats-style vocals, while East London Dance Party is all swaggering, blues-riddled punk rock with drums that sound like they’re made of cardboard boxes. This is a good thing.

One of the real highlights is the immense Cuckoo, as Bitter (hopefully) takes on the persona of a psycho girlfriend, the track building in intensity as she lays out her plan:

“So now we’re together at last
You don’t have a clue
Just how scarily well I know you
I follow your every move
And listen in on your calls
See how I’m molding you
Into what I want”

It ends in a huge wall of noise and effects with Bitter coldly stating “I always know where you are, I always know what you think.” Brrr.

It’s not all about the singer though, as tracks like 12, Nursery and Death From Above are all standouts, each one a clattering, hi-octane punk gem played by a band who sound like they know how great they are and don’t give a fuck if you agree or not.

They saved the slowest (and best) for last, with Twigs taking what could be a mournful Morrissey/Marr melody, but clutters it up into a mess of howling noises, with Bitter screaming “Stick it up your arse!” over the racket.

Bratty, smart and catchy as hell, Deluxe Kicks is an easy contender for album of the year and one of the best debut albums of recent years. Say hello to your new favourite band.

Local Girls website can be found here. They are also on Twitter as @LocalGirls, Facebook & Soundcloud.

All words by Jules Boyle. More writing by Jules can be found here.

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  1. Spot on review of an amazing debut. Ever imagined what it would sound like if one of Tim Cedar’s bands, say Ligament, decided to make a pop CD with a female vocalist, but wanted to keep it a bit filthy. No? Well now you don’t need to. Great tunes, sharp lyrics and awesome live too.


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