Liverpool GIT awards
April 28th 2012
Live Review

Liverpool GIT music awards  : live review


An awards ceremony celebrating new bands!
This is a great event.
 Every city should have one, a musical awards focussing on new young bands, underlining the endless flow of talent that exists below the radar.
If tonight is a cross section of what’s going in Liberpool then the city’s music scene is in very rude health. There is an eclectic mix of music of all genres on show tonight from post rock to urban as the 12 bands/artists culled by a panel of judges from 380 entries play one song each in front of a packed audience.
We simply can’t review them all, so here is a selection of what was on that fits in with the LTW style.
First up Mugstar are a filthy post rock assault, like Mogwai on bad drugs or Sunn O with a kind of dark UK psychosis to their schtick. There is something powerful and filthy going on here and their intensity and rage is tempered by the well thought out dynamics of their song. 
Bang On is great heavy street rap, Miss Stylie lively scouse grime, the eventual winners Loved One a melodic rush and Ninetails well executed post rock frivolity.
Stealing Sheep are great, three women they coyly take the stage and delver three pysch folk songs complete with those sort of dark harmonies that make Warpaint so attractive, they don’t have that smooth LA sheen of da Paint but an endearing and hypnotic low fi approach of their own. The songs are evocative and take you on a trip. Each of the trio is playing along to the songs with guiatr, keyboards and a stand up drum kit. The songs are fantastic, great tunes and a unique atmosphe all of their own. As you watch them you get the feeling that they don’t even know how good they are yet but their upcoming debut album that comes out this spring on Heavenly should see them making some serious waves.
Ex Easter Island Head are beyond. They take their guitars and place them flat on the table and then proceeded to hit them with drum sticks building up this hypnotic drone. It’s fantastically thought out stuff. This is not noise for noise sake but inventive and a highly original take on the Rhys Chatham school of guitar tropics. This is about the eternal drone that is at the core of all great rock music and the Easter Island crew have stripped away everything else down to the core drone and trip it out it from there. It’s mesmerising stuff, and when the four to the floor bass drum kicks in it gives it the music an odd trance style of danceable trips. There are so many options open to the band that it is quite thrilling to watch them.
I saw the Tea Street Band in Liverrpol last September at the first Justice Tonight gig. They were great that night, scally lads playing this entrancing, big music…in the last few months they seem to have shifted up a gear. Taking their music onto another plane. It’s all instrumental with the twin guitars weaving around eachother and the bass leading the melodic rush. They are boardering on the experimental now but making a music that is also instantly accessible. They look like match lads but make music that John Peel would have loved and if the great man was still alive they would have been on about their forth session now.

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