Little Barrie

‘Death Express’

album review

‘classic sixties r’nb garage rock with 21st century thrust…’


From a smokey lounge in the distant past fast forward to overdriven bass and guitars from the future is where ‘Death express’ by Little Barrie takes it’s first steps.
There is a ghost voice vocal melody haunting and leading this music, taking it around unexpected corners, a sense of 60’s psychedelic counterculture, crisp drum skittering, shuffling, braking, brake beating, heart beating, heat making, golden age love, love making.

As I write this on Brighton Seafront it’s as if the sounds are coming from cellar below, the guitar soloing, dancing through wonky pop of another era, weaving notes up through the Maze of threadbare carpet, reclaiming forever now.

It’s rare to hear a band pull off R&B garage rock played with such genuine conviction and passion. The music here grooves, propelled forwards on a solid bass and drums platform, laying over guitar and vocal conversations and stirring it all up into something unique to Little Barrie.

Sometimes the guitars remind me of Robbie Krueger of the Doors, next it’s the Stones, then I’m thinking of John Leyton fronting a northern souls dj playing in the room next door.
Big beat beats reclaimed from the 90’s back where the belong, conjoined into sensual, classic rock n roll.

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