Litterbug ‘Countdown to Schadenfreude EP’ – review


Litterbug ‘Countdown to Schadenfreude EP’ (Just Say No To Government Music Records)
7” Red Vinyl | CD | DL
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Cleverly titled brand new EP from Blackpool’s finest purveyors of 77’ style punk rock, this follows the 2017 released album ‘Your Perception Is Not My Reality’

Twelve months may have passed but (thankfully) Litterbug have not moved on, these four tracks remain firmly entrenched in year zero attitude.

‘Introvert’ is a simple song, but perfectly executed, built around a neat buzzsaw riff, a solid bass line and strident vocals, backed up with fist pumping harmonies; it clatters along with a joyous energy that will bring a smile to the face of anyone familiar with the original nascent punk scene; similarly ‘See The Light’ which utilises a Buzzcocks style guitar in between snatched vocal yelps and pummelling drum rains.

‘Don’t Change’ relies upon a call and response vocal, that buzzing guitar remains to the fore; the entire thing having a slight US vibe to it, had me thinking of The Wipers and perhaps Sugar which no one is going to complain about; closer ‘Fast Forward’ is equally effective and sees Litterbug stretching themselves a bit with gnarly bass and a slash and burn riff ahead of a vocal delivery anyone with a well-worn copy of ‘The Roxy London WC2’ with be familiar with.

The ‘Countdown to Schadenfreude EP’ is four tracks of sub three minute, adrenaline shot, red hot UK punk, and on occasion its exactly just what you need.


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