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With her beautiful and haunting voice bringing something very special to these ethereal songs, Beckie Margaret is a very special young talent. She claims that she is ‘trying to bring beauty back to the world whilst rallying against the darkness of the human soul.’ It’s a tall order in these ugly times but any beauty and art is welcome to add some light to the gloom and this beautiful song full of longing and melancholy is a gorgeous wash of sound and a perfect example of a very special talent.


They say
Beckie Margaret releases ‘Cars & Catacombs’  via Cool Thing Records on 3rd February 2017


“Our generation is fragile, intelligent. Our generation is the one before children became engulfed in technology. A generation that still grazed their knees and climbed trees. Our generation is powerful and influential, but not always respectful of the past” –Beckie Margaret

2016 was a shit year…

Too many musical geniuses passed away.

Hate won too many elections.

The whole world seemed to just become uglier.

At times like this, music has always raised up its voice in protest, either as a rallying call or a mirror to the beauty that still exists in the world.

With her music, Beckie Margaret is trying to bring beauty back to the world whilst rallying against the darkness of the human soul.

With elements of Lucy Rose, Elizabeth Fraser, Kate Bush and Cat Power, she mixes ethereal sounds with her stunning almost dreamlike vocals.

Choosing to self-produce her records on a DIY home setup has given has given ’Cars and Catacombs’ a deeply personal and distinctive autumnal sound and that could only be achieved with full creative control
The single will be released on Cool Thing Records. The indie label set up by a group of creative maniacs from Southend, to initially, release the debut album (and singles) from the critically acclaimed, Asylums. Cool Thing is run by and for the artists they release, allowing artists 100% control over all aspects of their career.


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