Brighton-based alt-poppers Comfort release second single, Pass Me the Syrup.

A new name to ears but the band’s friendship tells of a different story, the history of Comfort dates back to the three being childhood friends. Comprised of members; Brendan Lyle, Jake Brown and James Redfern, the alternative group strive for making music that holds familiarity yet feels distant to their listeners.

After a successful release of their early 2018 self-titled debut, we now premiere the band’s second upbeat release, ‘Pass Me The Syrup’. Blending ingredients of alternative rock, funk and pop, it feels as a melting pot of the Brighton bands musical influences. Comfort show clear bonding and friendship from their music and ‘Pass Me The Syrup’ captures a natural vibe of musicianship and homegrown sounds.

Supporting their local scene supporting bands and building a scene in their southern city, it seems the band are really in their lane of their own with their eclectic sound and style. Tune in now.


More from Comfort can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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