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Burnley five-piece, The Goa Express, return with a new single, The Day.

It feels like only minutes since Goa Express graced us with the release of their pysch-induced, baggy-flourished debut EP, Use Your Brain. It wasn’t long before that when they released their debut single Kiss Me. Despite an array of other academic and employment commitments and the introduction of a new key’s player, Goa Express have managed to record and release yet more material, with their latest single, The Day. With the assistance of Nathan Saoudi (Fat White Family), The Day could well be their most distinctive and unique release to date.

The Day

A sticky four count opens the track. For a good ten seconds it hardly sounds professionally recorded. Yet as the increasing dynamics of the track directly correlate with the bounding Lurcher energy of Goa Express’ new track, it is clear that such a chunky and tinny sound couldn’t be more intricately designed. James Douglas-Clarke’s vocals grasp you throat first, as the rest of the band jostle for sonic possession within the track, leaving you shocked that so much energy can be crammed into just over 2 minutes.

Speaking about The Day, Douglas-Clarke comments, “The new tracks are about moving out to university and getting caught for doing shit whilst there and also about the fake, social media platform of our society, lick arses and how everybody wants to pretend that they’re friends.”

Goa Express are only on the lips of praise throughout the local circuits of the North West. It is surprising how they have managed to stay under the radar in doing so. They don’t struggle for variation within their live sets, never failing to experiment with new songs and sounds. Frequent bookings and mid/post uni boredom fuels the unpredictability which Goa Express excel on.

The Day is another chapter of their growing discography available for your listening discretion. They’re probably bored of it already. They’ll probably only play it live for a couple more shows then fuck it off, only to be replaced by another instant anthem. The ballsy tunnel vision of the five-piece can be tasted in this latest single, and such an attitude can be quite repulsive. But on the rare occasion that the tunes match the ego, you can’t help but admit excellence, smile and support the cause.


Goa Express as on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Words by Will Metcalfe.

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