wojtek the bear

wojtek the bear

Glasgow five-piece wojtek the bear release heartfelt new single Some States.

Finishing their year on a typically emotional high, Glasgow five-piece wojtek the bear have recenly released their latest single Some States. Three and half minutes of gentle guitars, and rousing strings (a now permenant addition to the sonic tapestry of the band) it’s a welcome return for a quintet whose every single packs as much grace and elegance as it does emtoional gravitas.

“It’s a song about that particularly painful end section of a failing relationship when it feels like all you’re doing is arguing with other person over the most ridiculous things, like who used the last of the toothpaste and didn’t replace it.” explains frontman Tam Killean “The title comes from that old(ish) Scottish expression – “I’ve never been to America, but I’ve been in some states!” I just really liked the dark, self-deprecating humor of it. I think it’s that ability to see the humor in the darkest of times that allows us to get through things sometimes”

It’s a thoroughly Scottish sentiment, but then, Some States feels like like a thoroughly Scottish track. An elegant arrangement hinged on both humour and heartache, its the perfect embodiment of wojtek the bear as a band, and they couldn’t have ended the year on a higher note.


More from wotjek the bear can be found on their Facebook and Twitter.

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