Listen to This! Louder Than War Favourites Blackelvis Return With Second Single of the Year l4Yl

Cardiff funk rockers Blackelvis return with L4YL, their second single of the year.

Effortlessly fusing together elements of funk and rock might well conjur images of RHCP rip offs, at least these days. Thankfully, Cardiff four-piece Blackelvis, are far from derivatory. Instead they’ve fostered their own brand of alt-rock, carving out their own niche and establishing themselves as a breath of fresh air in a rock scene ever in danger of stagnating.

Their latest single, L4YL, is the ideal introduction for the unintiated. Three and a half minutes of funk-flecked groove rock, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a surprisingly warm spring. Or it would be if any of us could leave the house.


More from Blackelvis can be found on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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