attic theory

attic theory

Liverpool rockers return under a new name with brand new single My Own Design.

Rising from the ashes of Matchstick Men, joined by previous members of Rain May Fall and Limehawk, Liverpool’s Attic Men are a five piece who mean business.

Combining elements of grunge and old school rock and roll, into an amalgamation of self-proclaimed alternative groove rock, the band have built on their experience in previous bands in order to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Their latest single is four minutes of uplifting and atmospheric alt-rock, building constatnly towards a cathartic conclusion.

‘My Own Design’ is inspired by a breakdown in communication within a relationship and the realisation that both parties, have become people they don’t even recognise in the mirror anymore, and should not be together.” exapains frontman Lewis Wright. “Lyrically, I wanted to mix things up a bit so I made a few alterations to the original subject matter. In ”my version“ of events, one person has come to their senses and has realised they have become a slave of their own making… a slave of their own design… and the other, is hosting their very own pity party and hasn’t grasped that the relationship is over.”

More from Attic Theory can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter.
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