You may remember back in December 2014 we exclusively streamed the Xmas single by brilliant Oakland, California punk / mod band Hard Left. The same band have a new album out very soon and in the run up to it they’re slipping out streams of tracks off it. Last month the first track appeared on Clash and today you can check out the second here on Louder Than War. The track’s titled Hard Left Rules OK – and despite the track’s meagre 1:36 running time, when you meet the final bars you’ll realise it’s a statement you can’t help but agree with.

The album the track’s off is a cracker – we have a review in the can already in fact – and as Glenn Airey points out in said review “Hard Left sound remarkably like a number of British punk favourites from the late 1970s and early 1980.” This can’t be denied – the album is, after all, full of one minute tracks of catchy, singalong, “anyone can do it”, rabble rousing punk rock after all. We especially like the triangle playing and whistling in the track above – you can imagine returning home from the boozer on a Friday night with your arms round your mates chanting out these songs in unison at the top of voices with fists punching the air in all the appropriate (of which there are many) places.

As you might have gathered from their name politics as well as punk is at the core of the band’s identity. And with not only the band’s name but also lyrics like “We’re all Hard Left, United we win, We’re all Hard Left, Coming back again” … there can be no doubt which way they align politically in the worldwide struggle against capital(ism).

A quick refresher about the band from December’s post…

“The members have been involved with punk and DIY music for nearly a century combined, including time in bands like Boyracer, Jüke, Whorl, Lunchbox and Black Tambourine, and operating the respected labels 555, Emotional Response and Slumberland Records.”

And cadging a bit from the press release about the album (that we totally agree with)…

…this is a record that hits hard, crammed with guitars that soar and rage, group chants and raw-throated vocals. It’s anthemic in the best way…

We Are Hard Left will be released on 11th May via Future Perfect Records and can be pre-ordered here. Our review will run early May.

Hard Left can be found on Facebook and they tweet as @HardLeft77.



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