a5908ab8-6fd0-4afc-942f-bb4a28902b9fJohn Doran, editor and scribe at The Quietus and author of the excellent book “Jolly Lad” (our review of which seems to have got stuck in a log jam of some description – apologies to all who are waiting for this) came to Manchester’s Islington Mill on 31st May 2015 as part of his month long UK tour with Arabrot, ostensibly plugging the book.

While there, in a unique one off, he hooked up with the mighty Gnod, whereupon the two goliath artistic entities improvised along to two readings from his erstwhile tome.

The result has been captured by Tesla Tapes (Gnod’s output for recorded works) who felt that this unique show had to be documented “as the night was special and the recording came out so flipping good.”

This recording you can, if you’re so minded, buy online at Bandcamp for a mere two squiddlies (digital) or as a tape (physical) for £5 GBP + P&P by emailing ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk and asking “how can we acquire this wondrous artefact”. Fancy making this a “try before you buy” offer? No problem – check out the stream embedded below.

ALSO – don’t miss John Robb’s “great, soul searching” natter with JD from a few weeks back, and should you wish to buy the book (coz you know it’ll be great) just hie theeselves hither: strangeattractor.co.uk/shoppe/jolly-lad.



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Guy is a former full time member of the Louder Than War editorial team, who's since moved on to pastures new. Music's been a large part of his life since he first stumbled across Peel on his tranny as a fifteen year old. His whole approach to music was learnt from Peel in fact, which includes having as inclusive a taste in music as possible. Guy devotes most of his time looking for new music & although he's been known to say "the only good music is new music" he pretty much accepts this is bollocks. Favourite band The Minutemen.


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