Ed Balloon’s second release, ‘Yellow 20-Somethings’, is out now via the Deathbomb Arc label’s mixtape series. Deathbomb Arc is best known for their work with noise rap acts like clipping. and Death Grips. Ed Balloon’s catchy, pop approach radiates an entirely different light than these!

This is another great release fom Deathbomb Arc who are one of the finest independent labels currently out there.

You can listen to ‘Yellow 20-Somethings’ by visiting : https://deathbombarc.bandcamp.com/album/yellow-20-somethings

“What makes “No Smoking” a good listen is how raw and unafraid the lyrics are. At times, it’s inventive and resourceful, while remaining vulnerable and relevant.” – Afropunk

While Ed Balloon has never shied away from soul bearing with his streamlined and catchy music, his sophomore release, ‘Yellow 20-Somethings’, brings a more socially-focused content to the minimal sound his fans already love. In a unique space between club tracks, love songs, and pop anthems, Ed is able to find the core of a sound, shed the rest, and produce such a focused sound that it is at once huge and cosmic and also as intimate as a cuddle. It is the perfect musical forum for contemplating the ways our world’s huge issues fall right in our laps. Ed Balloon is the best friend we all wish we had; able to tell us those hard truths in a way that is a pure act of love.

“With this lack of overt flashiness, the music has space to speak for itself. His lyrics feel honest, often about love, but not necessarily in an cliche broken-heart kind of way.” – Passion of the Weiss


For more details visit Ed Ballon’s Facebook or follow him on Twitter where he tweets as @AfricanPrep

All words by Simon Tucker. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Simon on twitter as @simontucker1979

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