feng suave

feng suave

Dutch duo Feng Suave drop lilting and dreamy new single I’m Warping Here, the third single taken from their forthcoming EP.

Much like their name suggests, Dutch duo Feng Suave have created their own effortlessly cool brand of easy going indie pop that falls somewhere between the awkward anxiety-ridden bedroom pop of Mac DeMarco, and the sleek, chic soul of the 1970s. The result is an idiosyncratic combination of genres that manages to feel both timely and timeless, speaking volumes to those of us racked by quarter-life crises and a serious case of arrested development.

Their most recent single, I’m Warping Here, is the third track to be taken from their forthcoming EP, and is three and a half minutes of blissful psych-pop. Built around a deep, loping bass and decorated with understated guitar and percussion, it’s the perfect accompaniment to those long summer evenings that feel so tantalisingly close.

“This one is about growing up. It’s a kind of coming-of-age story, really.” Feng Suave explain. “It’s about missing the times when you did stupid things without thinking about it, and missing the times when those stupid things were your biggest worry in the world. Now that you’re older, things become more serious and life seems evermore predictable, while at the same time you rack up more and more responsibilities. You wish you could tell the kid you once were to enjoy themself a bit more at times, because it’s gonna level out.”

Check it out below:


More from Feng Suave can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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