christian fitness

Andy “Falko” Falkous, (he of Future of the Left and Mclusky fame) has a new track out under the excellent moniker Christian Fitness. Check it out above and some vaguely related blather about it below.

We like it when people have no truck with “premiere culture” and just fucking put new music out by announcing it on twitter or wherever. Then sit back to see what happens. Why’s that you ask? Well, because any artist who doesn’t need the comfort blanket of an exclusive locked in (on some random website that they’ve probably never heard of before) because someone (probably a PR) told them no one would hear it otherwise always gets the thumbs up from us. And when the track’s this good, well, even more better!

As you probably know by now (as you’ll have all “checked it out above” when you read the words “check it out above” above, no doubt) it’s an unusual piece of music which certainly starts quite some way removed from the sound we’ve come to expect from Falko’s previous bands, with falsetto vocals and worrisome electronica dominating the before giving way to a more traditional “rock” passage (“a bit that sounds like the pixies” to quote from the Soundcloud page) which ends up returning to where it starts. Of course, died in the wool FOTL are unlikely to be very surprised – there are many intimations of this sort of dark playfulness in FOTL’s music, but to the rest of you, well, you just might be.

On the Soundcloud page we’re also told that…

“If you like this song hang on for a week or two and there’ll be another ten. Easy”…

…which sounds suspiciously like a whole album to us, but only time will tell if that’s the case or not. We advise you keep abreast of the latest developments by giving @shit_rock a follow on the old twits.







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