Cardiff four-piece return with frenetic and funk-fuelled new single Masquerade.

Combining elements of hip-hop, funk, soul, rock and reggae might well sound convoluted, or in lesser hands, confused, but Cardiff four-piece Blackelvis manage to fuse those elements in such a way that it’s anything of the sort.

Their new single ‘Masquerade’ is off-kilter and spacious, making as much use of the space between notes as the notes themselves. Rapped vocals are laid over upstrokes and perfectly produced percussion, showcasing Blackelvis’ deft musicality with ease. Coming quickly off the back of their previous single ‘Gimme Ya Luv’ it’s yet another example of the band’s ability to combine genres in a way that feels fresh rather than forced.


More from Blackelvis can be found on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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